February 21, 2015

Oreo Mochi Mochi

Apparently Mochi Mochi has a new flavor that I don’t know when they started to selling it. It’s Oreo!! I love oreo :3

There’s only 3 oreo left because it’s already closing time. I bought them all, along with 2 chocolate ones. The oreo one is definitely the best! It’s covered with oreo, filled with oreo. I’ve never loved a daifuku that much!

It’s called daifuku in Japan since it has filling. The brand is Mochi Mochi, so that might give some misunderstood to some people who know the difference between mochi and daifuku. But it’s not Japan after all, and they sell Taiwanese Mochi, not Japanese Daifuku lol. 
I think Mochi Mochi is the most popular place to buy mochi in Jakarta, it has a number of branches. I love love love love their oreo mochi! 


  1. Replies
    1. Mochi Mochi, biasanya di CP lantai LG deket the face shop. Tapi ada di mall2 lain juga.