January 25, 2015

LT #3

So what the hell happened on day 3? Well basically another lack of sleep, not so appetizing food, tons of things to do. There’s this activity that I made (I was the PIC) and it was really fun. I was kinda afraid that the time wouldn’t be enough because it took a pretty long time to start but there’s actually plenty of time left for it. It was pretty messed up though.
Then an outbond activity. I was placed on the very first post. It was raining. I was glad that I bought my umbrella although I somehow still got wet and build some fever in the end. 
The last activity for that night was bonfire. It almost didn’t happen because of the rain. I and another person had to buy some time by talking to the participants(?) for the others to prepare the bonfire. I was pretty nervous because it’s like my first time to talk in front of 100s people, without any preparation and no idea what to talk about. I’d never really been an MC before and so did my partner. I’m glad that we could somehow do it though LOL.
Finally the bonfire was ready. I just stood like near the cliff to prevent the participants falling down the cliff accidentally because they couldn’t see the back. I was very annoyed when the flashlight was shot directly to my direction -_- I won a nomination of the most likely to be extinct LOL.
It was finally finished later midnight. I slept earlier than most of the others because I didn’t feel really well. 

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