January 30, 2015

gonna be a long post

Final examination has come again. I can’t believe another semester is gonna end soon. I haven’t written about that annual event yet. I regret that I haven’t written much recently because reading old posts is actually a fun thing to do and it brings back all those memories. 
I’ve started working at an advertising agency as an IT support, even though it’s still under my dad’s supervision(?). My dad made the network for the system at that office and he employs a person and me to maintain it since he actually works at another company. I only go there twice a week though. I started working because my dad wants me to learn working (which I’ve been doing to that student org that sometimes takes way too much of my time) and to save up some money for student exchange!
I applied for student exchange last November and I finally got called for interview last week. The announcement will be in March. I’m so anxious about it because I kinda don’t meet the qualification -_-
I also did an interview for another thing by the international office of my uni last week. It’s to be that guide thingy for people who come to my uni as exchange students. I’m not sure if I get it though since I haven’t heard anything this week since they said the announcement is gonna be this week. I kinda aced that interview compared to the one for exchange program but I guess I’m too busy to be one. 
I watched the mortal instrument on new year’s eve and jamie bower is just too hot. I usually have a hard time remembering actors’ and actress’ name. I guess he’s just too to hot to forget LOL. I like his song “Get Your Guns”.
I also discovered about lovelipop when I was researching about yohio. I really can’t say how I think about them. The whole concept is cute but they do make me wanna dye back my hair to either brown or black…. 
I actually have been thinking about dyeing my hair light or dark brown like it used to be, but I’m still not sure about it. I’ve had a dream that my hair was suddenly back to its natural color which is black and I got so upset about that. So I’m not really sure about letting this current shade go since I’ve gone through pretty painful bleaching a lot and spend a lot of my money as well. It needs a quite high maintenance as well and I’m a pretty lazy person to do those kind of things so now my hair is very dry. 
It indeed is nice to write another diary like this. I feel like some of the weighs on my life have been lifted up LOL. I use my blog as my diary. I recently made my blogger to be private because people kept ending up at my place when they’re looking for certain keywords on google although I’ve deleted that post. I’m just afraid that my friends and colleagues will find out about that blog someday. Although I wanna share some posts that are probably useful like the review and stuff.
I’m back at reading manga again! Since like 3 days ago when I was procrastinating before studying for an exam. I read Fuuka. I actually wanted to read it right after I finished kimi machi but I somehow didn’t and I don’t remember why. It’s kinda weird though. Then I also started reading the last game. It’s just so sweeeeeeeet! LOL. Then I’m getting back at taiyou no ie. It’s so nice to read manga because it’s the stuff I did regularly when I was a kid and it just makes me forget that I’m 20yo already LOL. I’m not that old yet~

January 25, 2015

LT #3

So what the hell happened on day 3? Well basically another lack of sleep, not so appetizing food, tons of things to do. There’s this activity that I made (I was the PIC) and it was really fun. I was kinda afraid that the time wouldn’t be enough because it took a pretty long time to start but there’s actually plenty of time left for it. It was pretty messed up though.
Then an outbond activity. I was placed on the very first post. It was raining. I was glad that I bought my umbrella although I somehow still got wet and build some fever in the end. 
The last activity for that night was bonfire. It almost didn’t happen because of the rain. I and another person had to buy some time by talking to the participants(?) for the others to prepare the bonfire. I was pretty nervous because it’s like my first time to talk in front of 100s people, without any preparation and no idea what to talk about. I’d never really been an MC before and so did my partner. I’m glad that we could somehow do it though LOL.
Finally the bonfire was ready. I just stood like near the cliff to prevent the participants falling down the cliff accidentally because they couldn’t see the back. I was very annoyed when the flashlight was shot directly to my direction -_- I won a nomination of the most likely to be extinct LOL.
It was finally finished later midnight. I slept earlier than most of the others because I didn’t feel really well.