December 31, 2015

2016 resolution & goals

1. Be more grateful
2. Think positive
3. Read at least 5 books
4. Eat less
5. Learn something new
6. Have more ‘first’ than in 2015
7. Meet new people
8. Become tidier
9. Cry less
10. Do and finish the paintings for my room
11. Take school seriously & graduate in 2016
12. Make some money
13. Put more effort in remembering people’s names
14. Give compliments to others
15. Listen to more music
16. Get better at makeup
17. Enjoy my life
18. Do more activities with Fido
19. Get healthier
20. Find a way to fall asleep easily


I went to Shinjuku two days ago. I also planned to go to Harajuku but I somehow spent a whole day in Shinjuku lol. I actually prefer shopping at Shinjuku but the “view” in Shibuya is more eye candy lol. But the stuff I wanted to buy was sold out in Shibuya so I decided to go to Shinjuku, and it’s also sold out there DAMNNNNNN!!
Anyway, I also planned to buy some rings and necklace. I checked H&M first because they usually put crazy sale on their accessories and they did!
lololololol I didn’t expect to buy this many lol. My favorites are these:
Then I went to F21 to look for the necklace that I saw on their website, but I didn’t find it!!! And I bought two sweaters instead…………… lol.
I also wanted to buy the tangle teezer since probably the beginning of this year. I went to IOIO to look for one and I couldn’t find it :/ buttttttt Seria was there!! It’s a 100 yen shop like Daiso, but the items sold there are prettier according to the review that I read. I definitely went crazy there lol and I even found these!!!!
I just couldn’t not buy them LOL. I also bought quite a lot of stuff for omiyage for my friends and family. I think I’ll definitely visit Seria again before coming back home in February.
Then I went to bikuro which is the merge of bic camera and uniqlo and it’s huge. Anyway, I went there to buy a sim card because unfortunately mine will expire today :/
I also visited the camera section and look for a camera strap because the camera that I brought here doesn’t have one. It’s my father’s and I think he lost the strap. I’m going to visit a lot of places next month so I’m definitely gonna need one. I almost bought the cheapest one but honestly it just looks really cheap and I decided to buy a nicer one instead. I’ve been trying to save my money as much as possible, but honestly I wouldn’t mind buying a strap that cost around IDR 150k in Indonesia so I just bought this one instead. It’s so pretty, isn’t it???? I also got a camera as a christmas present so I think it’d also be a nice investment lol.
Then I went to IOIO that has Starbucks in there but the queue was very long and it’s full so I decided to look for another Starbucks where I could sit. I also looked for the Tangle Teezer there but I still couldn’t find it! 
Isetan was just across the road so I went there and after entering the building, I just got the feeling that they most probably don’t sell Tangle Teezer there lol. I gave up and just look for another Starbucks. I went to the one in Tsutaya but idk I just hesitated to go to that one so I decided to go to the other one. 
Then I found AINZ TULPE!!! I looked for it here and there but I couldn’t find it. I gave up and went outside the store and I saw the stairs to go downstairs and decided to go back there and went downstairs aaaanddd finallyyyyyyyy~~~~
I was so happy that I finally found it LOL. I never thought I’d spend that much for a hair brush. I bought the compact one because of the print obviously lol. I don’t like the original one because the shape reminds me to ticks ew. But I actually consider to buy the original/professional if I find one at the airport because this product is definitely worth the hype! I’ve always been lazy to brush my hair because of the tangles were difficult to be detangled. It’s not completely painless but it’s definitely tolerable because it’s nothing compared to using my old hair brush lol.
Then I finally went to the Starbucks but it’s full as well. I really wanted to try the Chocolatey Crumble Cocoa so I just bought it and went to the eki right away. And it’s a disappointment because I just didn’t taste the chocolate :/ The cocoa milk that I often buy in Lawson 100 definitely tastes better :/

New Year's Eve


December 30, 2015

2015 recap

January: the beginning, nothing special tbh, only blogged twice
February: made my own rice krispies for the 1st time, prepared for an event, wrote some stories on TextNovel, discovered my fav mochi ever
March: got stressed out, did cosplay for the 1st time, went to Dufan, ordered custom t-shirts for the 1st time (and it’s my fav t-shirt)
April: the event was held, went to Baywalk for the 1st time
May: Fido’s birthday, started playing Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, one of my LINE stickers was finally approved
June: FINALLY MET THE GIRLS, went rafting for the 1st time, went to Jakarta Fair for the 1st time lol, somehow started collecting JKT48 x Pocky stickers (and I was obsessed with the double choco pocky!!!)
July: started subscribing to Johnny’s Net, my birthday, moved to a new house, ate KFC whole chicken bucket with my friend (yes friend, no s, there were only 2 of us) 
August: retook a failed class and failed again wtf, and helped preparing the event
September: the event, finally in Japan!
October: desperately tried to have some friends that aren’t annoying, celebrated Halloween for the first time, my laptop crashed and had to be restored from the back up 
November: DIGIMON TRI!, started subscribing to Kendall & Kylie apps, watched SID & KPP live, wondered why the fuck my life is miserable here
December: still wondering, things got a little better though, became a morning person for 2 weeks (which is a new record for me), GOT AN SZ POSTER!!!

December 28, 2015

Better than Fillet-o-Fish

Fillet-o-Fish is still my fav burger from McDonald’s. But apparently there’s another amazing burger from McD! Ta-daaaaaah~
I don’t even remember the name…… something gratin something lol. 
It’s better than Fillet-o-Fish IMO! Because it has cheese, pasta, vegetables, some creamy sauce, and even shrimps!!!
I just really really really love this burger! I wish they sold it in Indonesia too :/ and also MacShake!
The last time I drank MacShake was probably around 10 years ago! I wish I could read the macshake sooner (it’s in katakana) :/

December 27, 2015

The Man in the Moon

I took pictures of the moon at 3 am, the night before last night lol. I think my neighbour was still awake because I heard a voice from their room. Hopefully that person wasn’t awake because of the shutter sound from my camera lol. 
I read about the full moon on christmas eve quite late. So I took the pictures late as well. I wish I knew it on the Christmas eve :/ It’s rare that there’s a full moon on christmas eve. The previous one was in 1970s and I wasn’t born yet. The next one will be in 2030s.

Anyway, I finally know how to take a decent moon pic. I googled it after taking the first pic because only the light from the moon was caught lol. I think the lens isn’t good enough to take astronomy pics though because it can’t zoom far enough(?)

I also finally realized about there’s really a face on the moon. It’s kinda scary :/ 

December 25, 2015

Christmas ♪

It’s Christmas! I started the day by watching Sexy Power Tour during midnight and I suddenly got very inspired. So I tried to compose some music on garageband. Actually I just used the loops available there and kinda putting them together and voilaaaaaaa~

I slept in the morning and woke up in the afternoon. I’m officially not a morning person anymore :/

I seriously did nothing but eating, watching something, or trying to do something on the garageband again. I ate this Mont Blanc that I bought at Lawson 100 and it was quite okay. 

December 21, 2015


I just read 21 Things to do before You Turn 21. I’m 21 and I’m actually glad and I feel good that I (kind of) have done all of the things on the list. So I started reading 30 things to do before turning 30 articles but I think it’d be better to create my own version. 
I’m not sure to put it on this blog or the collab blog since that collab blog is pretty dead and it’s actually focusing on lists. It’s kinda personal so I think I should write it here though.
I’m thinking to create a new year resolution too since I don’t think I’ve ever made that before. Actually I kinda did, probably 2 or 3 years ago. It’s more like tumblr resolution. I told myself to talk to other tumblr users. Apparently I haven’t really done it this year. So I think that would be my tumblr resolution for next year lol.

December 20, 2015

sad post

I didn’t exactly want to study abroad, because I’ve never wanted to leave my dog. Yet I decided to apply for the student exchange programme during my junior year, knowing that I don’t have much time left in uni (well, hopefully). So I flew to Japan, the country that I’ve always adore very much, to start my senior year. 
I thought I’d have that really great unforgettable moments like ones I read on the net, about studying abroad. I thought my life would be so great here, since it’s Japan after all. Who doesn’t want to go to Japan? The country itself has so many things to offer, from the traditional culture to very weird random bizarre stuff. 
And yet here I am, being very bored in my room, and watching indonesian tv channel through a live streaming app. I have so many places I want to go, so many things I want to do, so many words I want to learn. I’m sad that I end up having almost no friends here. I have like 2 friends but they already have their own lives here and are very busy. And other people also talked about going somewhere, right in front of me, and not inviting me. I don’t know why I end up like this :/
I just can’t wait to go home, and going back here with my friends so I can enjoy the stuff that I can’t enjoy right now. I mean, I can go and do them now, but it’s just not fun at all doing those stuff alone (ノ﹏ヽ)

December 15, 2015

Colorful Eyes


It’s gonna be released tomorrow but I heard that they actually started putting the cds in the evening before the actual release so I went to Tower Records today! I even got a freaking poster omg I didn’t expect it at all I’M SO HAPPYYYYYYYY! I bought the limited edition B because obviously kento’s song is in that one and I freaking love Forever L!

I also bought a dvd because I have this 200 yen discount or something card that I have to use before next month and the minimum purchase is 2000 yen. ANYWAY I’M SO GLAD THAT I FINALLY CAN LISTEN TO THE FULL VERSION OF FOREVER L AND IN GOOD QUALITY YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

December 14, 2015

Star Wars Melon Pan

Star Wars: The Force Awakens will be released soon. I actually have only watched probably 30 min of the 1st one. I’m just not a big fan of scifi movies. 
Anyway, I found this amazing star wars bread sold in Lawson 100 a few days ago. I’m pretty sure it’s limited edition since the star wars movie will be released soon. I didn’t know it’s popular in Japan!

It’s black chocolate melon pan. I could only read the melon pan when I was going to buy it. So it’s quite a surprise to me when I ate it! I thought it’d be just a black melon pan because of the darth vader image on it, since black colored food is somehow not so rare in Japan.

It had chocolate filling with dark chocolate chunks inside. It’s just so good! I’m usually not a really big fan of melon pan either but I love chocolate flavored buns! So I’ll definitely buy it again as long as it’s sold, especially since it’s only 100yen~

December 7, 2015

Morning Person

I’ve been trying to be a morning person lately. I was very sleep deprived that I could sleep at the day and have no sleep at night at all. I would be dead sleepy in the class because of that. 
So I woke up at 3am yesterday to work on my psychology report which was due on yesterday. Then I went back to sleep at 2:30pm and woke up at 7:30pm. I watched the TV for a while and went back to sleep and woke up at almost 12am. I replied a bunch of chats from my friends and my mom and was really irritated because I was just awoke and my mom sent me a bunch of questions. I’ve always been very moody every time I just wake up. Then I went back to sleep. I woke up a few times, but I tried to go back to sleep so hopefully that I won’t be sleep deprived anymore.
I eventually woke up at 6am because I was very hungry since I didn’t had dinner last night. I went to Family Mart and Lawson 100 to buy some food and drinks. It’s 11am now and I’m getting sleepy again :/ I’m planning to go to Harajuku later in the afternoon because I want to go to Johnny’s shop and H&M. Hopefully I won’t fall asleep….

December 5, 2015

McDonald’s Chicken Fiero & Choco Pie

I went to McDonald’s for the 2nd time here yesterday. I was planning to buy ebi fiero burger, but I was kinda nervous talking to the cashier since my Japanese is still not good and ended up ordering the chicken fiero instead :/ The picture was small and they’re quite similar and I didn’t realize until I was waiting for the food :/
It wasn’t bad, but I didn’t find anything special either. I ordered it in set with L french fries and minute maid. It was 670 or 680 yen which is quite cheap for buying food in a (fast food) restaurant although it’s definitely more expensive than buying food in a konbini. I’ll probably buy the shrimp one next week :/
I also bought this choco pie, but it’s kinda disappointing. I like the chocolate filling, but the pie itself is meh :/ 

November 27, 2015

my goals after becoming rich

1. buy designer shoes
2. buy all cute clothes
3. buy a lot of manga
4. buy a lot of magazines
5. buy a really big TV
6. buy a gaming PC, iMac, macbook pro retina, macbook air, microsoft surface, ipad air
7. buy android phablet, pink iphone, and keitai just for fun
8. buy a tv for my car
9. buy a really cool sunglasses
10. buy starbucks drinks almost everyday
11. buy a lot of nail polishes
12. have a very big walk in closet
13. adopt a lot of dogs
14. go to the gym
15. eat expensive healthy food
16. give food to orphanages and homeless people
17. give a lot of presents to my family and friends
18. travel around the world
19. buy cute clothes for the dogs
20. maybe i’ll also adopt a few cats
21. buy a house/condo in tokyo, ny, paris, and london
22. buy a lot of books
23. volunteer as a teacher
24. donate to charities
25. get a degree in business, fashion styling, and theater design
26. be a producer
27. have a basecamp for my friends and I to hangout
28. be healthy so I can enjoy them all

24h isn’t enough

There’s so many things I wanna do within a day!
  • have a long and good sleep (at least 9 hours)
  • read magazines (2-3 hours)
  • watch tv shows/movies/news/entertainment news (at least 8 hours)
  • read articles from the net (2 hours)
  • tumblr and reddit (at least 2 hours)
  • chat with my friends (maybe just an hour)
  • find something interesting on the net (at least 1 hour)
  • cook something good and healthy (1 hours)
  • study something useful (1-2 hours)
  • ig and fb (1-2 hours)
  • play games on ipad (1-2 hours)
  • daydream (at least 1 hour)
  • read manga (2 hours)
  • youtube (at least 1 hour)
  • go somewhere/discover new places (1-3 hours)
to accomplish these all, I need at least 34 hours a day :/

November 21, 2015

November 16, 2015

Shopping in Shibuya (again)

I can’t describe how much I love shopping. I went to Shibuya to buy a thigh high boots in F21, but they didn’t have my size!! I was devastated so I went to buy some other stuff to cheer myself up :/
One of the items I bought is the uber cute black sheepskin boots that I wrote about earlier. Then I bought a cool outerwear from H&M for only 700 yen!
I also saw this lol t-shirt. I kinda wanted and didn’t want to buy it. I asked my friends first, then it’s gone by the time I came back there lol. 
Then I went to Uniqlo to buy this heat tech legging. My mom told me to buy it so I did. I’ve worn it but I think it’s not that warm…. well it’s not warm enough for me.
And I accidentally ripped my very cool black legging from cotton on so I had to buy a new one. I’ve wanted to buy a faux leather legging for a while and I finally did! I saw it like almost in every shop last month, but it was very hard to find it last week! I finally found it on Bershka. Thank God!


I bought a pair of fugg aka fake ugg last wednesday, and another one on thursday. I didn’t regret it at all!

The first one I bought is the beige one at Mega Donki and it’s only 890 yen!!!!! I saw this kind of sheepskin boots at F21 a few years ago. I never bothered to buy it since I definitely don’t need those in tropical country.

Then I went to Shibuya on Thursday and bought another pair!! and this one is definitely cuter and more stylish than the beige one! It’s around 2000 yen after discounted from the original price which was around 5000 yen! It was the last pair so I’m really glad that I bought it!
I don’t even bother to buy the real one since I probably won’t wear it in Indonesia. Well I can still wear it to the mall, but it probably will look weird, although not as weird as those who wear knee length boots there :/
I also didn’t even bother to buy one until I watched this video! and I’m glad that I finally bought not only one, but two pairs! It’s just so comfy to walk in them and I’m pretty sure that my feet were happy lol.

November 14, 2015


I went to Mega Donki in Shin-Yokohama last Wednesday. I had no real plan of things that I should buy there. But ever since I went there to shop for my Halloween costume, I immediately made a promise to myself that I should visit it ASAP.
I spent around 6000 yen there for mostly snacks!!!!!! I was very surprised at the cashier because most of the stuff that I got was 100-300ish yen. Although I also bought a tamagoyaki frying pan which is around 1000 yen and a pair of fugg for 890 yen. 
And I also finally found the case for my beloved S4 which doesn’t look totally ridiculous like the one that Daiso sells.

It’s only 50 yen!! It made me really sad…. because no one even bought it when it was discounted to 100 yen! I know it’s an old phone… but seriously 50 yen??? I can’t even get a case for that cheap in Indonesia although it’s for an old phone.
The color is very nice and calm even though I’ve never really been a fan of moustache-y stuff, nor brown. But I totally love it now because I’ve been craving for cadbury dairy milk chocolates!

Kendall and Kylie apps

I started 7 days trial to the Jenner sisters app yesterday, and I think I’m gonna continue the subscription even when the free trial ends. It kinda reminds me of J-web. I don’t subscribe to the Kardashian sisters app because I’m not really following them.
I think some people were kinda shock with having to pay them to access their apps, meanwhile they’re like obviously rich enough or something. But I’m kinda okay with paying $2.99 a month for each Kendall and Kylie app. They keep it updated everyday with various contents, with their own commentaries. So it’s pretty much like their blogs, I guess? J-web costs 300 yen/month and I get the access to every group/jr/solo but even my bias only gets to write the blog once every 5 weeks so………………………
I just finished reading/seeing all of the contents of Kylie’s app and my favorite so far is the room tour of her glam room. Now I’m gonna start on Kendall~

UPDATE: I just finished scrolling through kendall’s app and well… it’s very fashionable. Meanwhile kylie is like more beauty and fun stuff. 

It’s fluffy and it’s pink!

I think I kinda do Daiso haul once every 2 weeks or so, and I’ve been too lazy to take pics of them. Anyway, this is one of my latest Daiso purchases and which I’m very grateful that I bought it.

It’s super comfy and fluffy and kawaii toilet seat adhesion sheet! and the color is baby pink. It’s bomb! (okay I’ve been subscribing the kylie and kendall app, gonna talk about it later)
I’m gonna say it once more that I’m very grateful that I bought this lol. I noticed that my toilet seat has been quite cold so I thought I should buy one of those things to cover it. I’ve always lived in a tropical country (Indonesia yay), so I was never aware about this kind of problem!
I didn’t realize it’s 200 yen until I was at the cashier. I didn’t make any regret at all by buying this. My toilet is even comfier than my chair that I’m sitting right now lol. I guess I have to look for a fluffy chair pad or something now.

November 9, 2015


Sooooooo I was really excited to celebrate Halloween this year, because it’s gonna be my 1st and I’m in Japan! Actually it’s also been big in japan only for a few years. But I didn’t have anyone to go with me for halloween, so I was soooo *#@$&!*(&#@!#. There’s halloween party at the school on Friday, but meh. Someone also slipped about the others going to somewhere for halloween on Saturday. Sadly no one invited me sooooooooooo whatevs. I stumbled on reddit and finally got some redditors to go with me to roppongi on Saturday. We’re originally going to shibuya, but they changed the plan last minute.
Anyway, I also just bought my costume last minute lol. So I headed to mega donki in shin-yokohama to look for some costume. I went to loft first, but there weren’t so many halloween stuff anymore there. I bought a fake blood there for a redditor because he couldn’t find any.
Luckily, I wasn’t the only who was shopping last minute lol. I had a hard time to pick the costume. There were so many of them!
Well…….. most of the costumes for girls are sexy costumes…. as expected.
But there was also harry potter costumes! I should have bought the death eater costumes instead :/ 
there’s also AoT costume!
and some quite hilarious costume LOL. and actually, mario and luigi were very popular at the halloween! I saw a lot of people wearing them!
I was gonna buy the witch costume, but then I thought it might gonna be my first and last halloween ever, so I decided to buy what I really want. I didn’t plan to buy a sexy costume because I didn’t wanna be dead cold during halloween. I honestly really want to buy death eater costume but then I forgot about it once I saw this wolf in red riding hood costume. I also couldn’t decided between alice or wolf in red riding hood, but I ended up buying the wolf in the hood lol. AND SOMEONE MISPLACED IT ON THE SHELF SO IT’S NOT 5K YEN AND WAS 6K YEN INSTEAD OMFG I’M TOTALLY GONNA WEAR THIS AGAIN and it’s not gonna be my last halloween! and I actually took this pic in the morning (Nov 1st) so the only one that stayed on my face was my eye makeup lol.
Then I also had to buy flat shoes because I really didn’t have any footwear that’d match with the costume. I only brought running shoes, jelly shoes, knee high boots, and flip flops to Japan!
I didn’t see anyone wearing a costume but me when I was on my way to shinjuku (and it was an hour ride with full makeup on!). Finally I saw people wearing costumes at the shinjuku station and on my way to roppongi! The person sat in front of me seemed so busy touching up with her makeup even the old lady beside me took a picture of her as well lol.
So only 1 redditor showed up with his friends, and we had no idea where the other redditor whereabout. 
And they were late so I had to wait alone in the crowds :/ the redditor came first and the rest came even later -_-
and I saw this hilarious guy that probably didn’t wear anything (hopefully he wore his underwear) under this banana suit LOL.
Then we went to a sport bar to watch the final world cup of rugby. There’s only one guy that caught my eyes because he was a total ikemen but damn I was chatting with C about her bf again so welllllll sistas before mistas!
We walked for one station to kill the time before the 1st train. The train was soooo packed with people!!!! And everyone who got a seat was sleeping! I didn’t get a seat until I transited at sagami-ono. Luckily I wasn’t the only one wearing a costume this time! There were only sleeping in costumes or old people on the morning train lol. I arrived at my apt at around 6:30am and it was sooooo cold (8°!) and I was only wearing a tanktop under the costume and a cardigan for my outerwear :/ aaaaand luckily no one I know saw me wearing that costume when I just entered the apt building lol.

November 2, 2015

Kawasaki Halloween Parade 2015

I went to Kawasaki Halloween Parade last week. There were also other parades happening in roppongi and omotesando (I think). But since I was there for a meetup so I went to the kawasaki one.

There were sooooooo many people! Even those people who went there to watch the parade also dress themselves up! I didn’t really get a good spot to see the parade. It’s still quite fun though.


There was this awecome marching band that was playing star wars songs. I also sooooo many characters from one piece, disney, star wars, AoT, marvel’s, and so many others that I don’t remember.


It’s also my first time to go to Kawasaki. I didn’t do anything but watching the parade though.

The meetup itself wasn’t that great. I thought we’d be talking about anime or manga or such while/after watching the parade, but we didn’t :/
aaaaand I forgot to put my blog url on the pics. whatevs.

October 27, 2015

Life Crisis

I went to a meetup last Sunday to see Halloween Parade in Kawasaki last Sunday. It’s my 1st meetup and it wasn’t great…… but one person asked me what my job is and I said I’m an exchange student. Then he asked me again what I want to be after I graduate, and I said I don’t know. Then he said you must be a 1st year student then, and I said……………….I’m actually on my last year. That moment made me realize “damn I still don’t know what to do after uni and I’m already on my last year (hopefully)!”.

I’m majoring on Computer Science, but I’m seriously not good at it. I can still handle html and css, which is like the easiest programming language. But it’s really hard for me to understand other programming languages! 
A few months ago, I talked to my friends perhaps we should create an event organizer. Then last week, I talked to my other friends about creating a wedding organizer (thanks to Chelsea and Glenn’s wedding) because we’re kinda lost atm. I don’t give too much hope on this though, because they already failed to maintain their commitment about the craze and crave blog. I feel like they’d also be hopeless if we’re about to create a business together.
I’ve always wanted to work at a concert, as a lighting staff or something. I watched laruku’s concerts and the always have amazing lightings! That’s my inspiration for it. However, I’m not sure if I can get it though because I have no degree related to it. And I think some universities (overseas) offer a degree about stage production. I wish I’d known about it sooner!!! :’(
I’ve also always loved fashion. Becoming a fashion designer or fashion stylist often comes to my mind. I want to be a fashion designer because sometimes I just can’t find the right clothes that I want to wear (that’d like killing two birds with one stone, right?). And I also want to be a fashion stylist because I’m pretty confident with my fashion sense. However, I don’t have the money to buy them all lol. So dressing up someone who can afford those some really wonderful clothes would be enough for me. And there’s so many different style that can be made soooooo I’m really eager to be it!
I thought I’d just work at that place where my mother happens to have connection with. But that business isn’t going really well in Indonesia so I’m not sure if it’s a secure job for at least 5 years in the future……… unless if I continue doing it in Japan lol.
and something I realized just now…. I’m so focus on my career and I don’t even have time to think about my love life. Honestly I don’t see anyone would be with me (in a serious relationship) 5 years from now. Oh man…. I’ll be getting married as an old lady…… and I used to want to get married before 25 :/

October 19, 2015

Gudetama Slippers

I went to Kiddyland in Harajuku yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!! and I bought gudetama slippers~

I really love gudetama! because I can relate to that lazy egg character lol. I also wanted to buy the plushie but I didn’t bring enough cash :( I also actually wanted to buy sailor moon phone plug, but I didn’t at the end…..

Kiddy Land is basically a heaven! Because it’s full of goodies of a lot of characters! There’s even card captor sakura even though it’s such an old anime! Will it get reboot anytime soon????

Not only Japanese characters, but western too! There’s even Star Wars section! There’s also snoopy, barbie, sailor moon, one piece, doraemon, funassyi, rilakkuma, hello kitty, my melody, and soooo many more!
I can’t wait for my next visit to Kiddy Land!