December 24, 2014

LT #2

I honestly don’t really remember of what happened anymore. I should have written about it sooner. I didn’t have time though.
We were gathered for morning briefing. My job was to collect the stuffs we asked them to bring. I got team 5 and they didn’t know my name yet. I introduced myself and some of them still got my name wrong. I said nothing but my colleague whom in Disciplinary Division laughed so hard and yelled at him. I introduced myself once again. Then we had another sweeping for more personal stuff and take the unimportant ones out. I was partnered with J and we swept the girls’ stuff. I took everything but ones which are on the allowed list. F and M also helped us.
Then we had morning exercise. The PIC was H and he somehow made some funny movement lol. I was laughing with the others at the back where the participants can’t see. Then we introduced ourselves once again (per division) to everyone. Then we had some games until it suddenly rained.
I don’t really remember of what happened next. I think they were having training session meanwhile most members of my division got to sleep. I think I slept for one or two hours. I was awoken a few times though because some other colleagues were looking for some stuff in the room and I showed them where.
I wasn’t really in the mood to eat either because the food weren’t that appealing. We were gathered once again for the night session. I was assigned at the probably most comfortable place along with two others.
It started at 7pm which wasn’t scary at all. We waited for the participants to come but it took almost 2 hours for the first group to finally come. Two other colleagues decided to join our place because it’s the nearest to the villa and there’s a street lamp nearby meanwhile the others were assigned at either far place or on dark and land with grass. After the second group has gone, suddenly a snake appeared and we were quite shock. Luckily it disappeared because of the flashlight that was pointed to it. The four of us were definitely turned to alert mode and ask other colleagues to bring us salt for defense. We made a circle using the salt and we just stayed at that circle until the session finished lol. My colleagues whom were assigned before my place sent almost all fido related message to my place. They even asked some of the groups to dance the gangnam style but changed the oppa to fido lol. My dog was surely popular there! Some of them also sang fido beautiful LOL. Then M told them to continue doing so until the last assigned place lol. The message from my place was only for the next place after us but it somehow continued until the last place as well lol. My place was finally finished at around 1am or 2am after every group has passed my place. We went back to the villa to talk about the funny things happened for a while then sleep.

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