December 8, 2014

LT #1

I’m so busy lately!! I’ve wanted to write some posts but I literally had no time. I haven’t even opened reddit for some time.
There’s a leadership training last week. It’s the same like the one I joined two years ago, but I got to be one of the committees this year. I kinda had a hard time to decide whether I should go or not. I really wanna go because this might be my only chance to experience this kind of event as a committee. Meanwhile there’s also another event that would be going on at the campus. I discussed it with my seniors during the technical meeting for the event and finally they let me and I decided to go after all. 
I had to finish everything that I could for the other event so I could go at ease. I only had around 30min to sleep that night. Then I went to the campus in the morning and start the campus session of the event. Then I had a class in the afternoon so I got to sleep for about 30min more. I don’t really remember what I did during the campus session but sorting the food that the participants brought. 
We all walked to another campus at around 8:30pm. I’m glad that I didn’t bring too many things so I didn’t get hard time carrying my things. I wanted to eat during the trip to the destination but it’s just not possible, and I hadn’t had dinner yet -_-
We finally reached the destination at almost midnight. I wasn’t sure what to do at first because it’s kinda different with one that I experienced 2 years ago. There’s no “surprise” once we arrived there. Apparently the surprise started once we hiked the hill. And it was so steep! I and L walked at the front at first, but we got tired and most of the participants just past us lol. I felt very awkward because the participants were shouted to go fast and we’re there as well. I wanna stop for some rest but I feel a little bit uneasy for the participants. So I just kept walking in the end -_- 
My t-shirt was all wet because of my sweats and it even became see through. I was just glad that we finally reached the villa after a very long walk. Then my div which was operational division held a meeting for the agenda at the next day. I finally get to sleep at around 3am, yet I had to wake up at 4am.

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