November 24, 2014

nervous and excited

Reddit really keeps me away from tumblr. A lot of things happened lately. Not really though. I’ll have the last exam for this mid term examination. The previous one was Network Security and I kinda did good. I hope I’ll get a good score!
I took TOEFL last Saturday. I kinda really can’t wait to get the result! It takes a week :( I could do it pretty well. It’s the paper based one, and the max score is 677. I hope I’ll get more than 600! I don’t expect to get 677 since I just guessed a few number on listening part. I kinda spaced out a little bit during that one. What a bad habit! I’m going to submit the student exchange form hopefully by the end of the month once I get the TOEFL result. I really wish that I’ll pass the application review and interview. 
I’m gonna go to T’s house later this afternoon. We’ll bake some kitkats and play just dance now! I’ve even purchased the VIP pass for 24 hours lol. 
Then I’ll start my first internship on tomorrow! I’m really excited and nervous about it! I actually got it from my dad. He made the system or something for that office, but he doesn’t work full time there.

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