November 10, 2014


I really haven’t written much lately though I’m supposed to make a great use of this blog as a diary, else I’d forget some random important things happened to my life.
College’s been okay, and boring, same as always. I also feel like I don’t really belong within the student org anymore. I’m just……….not as comfortable as I was. Another thing, I’ve finally made up my mind to apply for student exchange screening test. I honestly am not sure that I could pass it, and I’m applying to go on my senior year. It’s probably pretty late, but better than never. I really wish to pass it though! Though it’d be really hard for me to leave my dog for around 6 months.
I’ve been into cooking lately! I haven’t cooked something really difficult though. I just fried either eggs, tempeh, tofu, or frozen food -_- However I did cook napolitan spaghetti today! It’s the first time for me to cook pasta other than mac and cheese and alfreddo LOL. I knew about napolitan spaghetti after reading a manga, like 10 years ago. I finally was able to make it on my own yesterday! I used tomato ketchup (obviously), bell peppers, garlics, salts, cheddar, and canned salmon mayo because it’s been in the fridge for some time and it need to be eaten asap……..
I’ve also been hula hooping almost everyday! I do wanna lose some weight, but I just simply need to exercise for fitness. I just don’t wanna get sick every month anymore -_- 
I’ve also been reading kimi no iru machi. Thanks to kento that I’m neglecting the novel that I planned to finish 2 weeks ago -_- I usually read kimi machi while hula hooping~ I haven’t finished it yet, but the story’s indeed good! 
Talking about kento, I finally woke up on time to watch shokura yesterday!! His hair’s pretty long already. That’d definitely get cut by teachers in my junior high school LOL. He kinda make a scary face during 4 seasons, but his idol aura is still strong as ever! I kinda fell asleep during the segment before they sing 4 seasons. I’m glad that I awoke when they’re singing it!

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