October 16, 2014

shopping (kind of)

I’ve been really lazy to bring my college binder to campus this year. I just wrote everything needed either on Evernote or my little notebook. There’s a quiz from time to time and I need a sheet of paper to do it. I usually asked my friends if it’s a pop quiz, else I’d prepare it.
I decided to buy a pack of (cute) paper and a zipped folder just for those quizzes that I’ve had a lot recently.
I somehow ended up buying a pair of earrings and two necklaces as well….
I collect unique earrings, although I rarely wear them anymore. And I don’t really like wearing a necklace, but I saw it (the middle one) a few weeks ago and I still want it. I even dreamt about buying it! So I decided to buy it. Unfortunately I also saw that cute skull and cross necklace as well so I ended up buying it as well because I know I’d still want it and it’s the only one left.

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