October 20, 2014

mixed feeling

My mom said she’s buying a house, and we’re probably moving out next summer. I have a very mixed feeling about this. It’s not in the city, and I’m very lazy to drive. I’m not so sure about the public transport there.
I’m on my junior year now, so by the time we’re moving I’m gonna be a senior. Then I’ll rent a room near my campus so I won’t have to drive all the way to the campus from there and back. 
Then I’ll probably graduate in the next year, so I may not really live there anymore. Since I’ll work somewhere in the city and I plan to rent another place nearby to the workplace. Although I’m still considering it since I just can’t leave my dog. 
The apartment I’m living right now is so strategic and has good public transportation access. However I’m not gonna able to afford it on my own yet. I don’t think a fresh graduate salary’s gonna afford it. I think I’ll have to work for at least 4 or 5 years then I’ll probably can afford it. 
I feel so uneasy yet I’m excited that I could finally design a bedroom on my own………….

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