October 5, 2014

I just wanna get some rest!

This week was such an exhausting week! I don’t even know where to begin in writing this post!
My colleague and I submitted the proposal to SCDC last Wednesday. That guy who checked the proposal is well known to be nice and kind to handsome boys and fierce to girls. I don’t fucking care if he’s gay or anything but can’t you just treat us all equally? You fucking bastard…….. Sadly my colleague who came with me to him was an ugly guy so he was totally fierce at us. That guy doesn’t look happy and keep asking us this and that.
He wanted us to delete a division of our event, and remove one of the vice. We kept giving him reasons why we need them, yet he just doesn’t wanna listen to us. He told us that we’re effective, yet not efficient. We just can’t cut and make it “efficient” like he wants because we need that number of people! We just can’t take the risk of cutting some people off the list and end up needing more people during the event and some of the tasks got neglected because they have to do other things and it’d screw things up! We’re told to think about it for an hour, as he’s off to lunch.
We met out org leaders and talk about it. We went back at 1pm and he somehow was even more mad! He told us that he only has 5 min to talk with us. We just started talking yet we already got cut by him and he just start to scold us for whatever reason. He somehow met a person who talk things about our org saying that we can’t be controlled and just do things the way we want and whatsoever. Yet the fact is we don’t fucking do whatever we want. Everything we did was based on considerations of this and that that we can’t just fucking decide on things randomly. Then he just don’t fucking give us a chance to explain everything and decide he won’t approve the proposal if we don’t do what he told us to. For God’s sake he’s even more a bitch than a real bitch!
Since we had to talk about this again to our leaders, we waited until they finished their own meeting. Their meeting finished at 6pm and I have plenty of time until the evening. I had lunch and talk about those fucking things that just happened with two colleagues of mine. They had class in the afternoon so I just went to the library for an hour or so. Then I just slept at my car for another hour.
Finally it’s 6pm and I went to the place where the meeting would be held. We talked about what happened earlier that day. Finally we finished and I go to a bean curd cafe with some of my colleagues. Then I went home.
Since most of my classes are on Thursday-Saturday, I got so tired on weekend. The classes also started so fucking early in the morning on Friday and Saturday, and they have a few hours break in the noon before another class in the afternoon. I always spent those time to sleep in my car because I was just so tired. I think I should store some pillows and mini portable fan in my car. I was kinda worried to sleep in the car, but I just don’t care anymore because I was so fucking tired.
My class finished at 5pm on Saturday. So I basically was too tired to do anything on Saturday night. I ended up sleeping right after I get home for a few hours. I finally got some of my energy back at midnight, but I don’t have any plan for that night because I’d known that I’d be so exhausted and I just wanna get some rest.
I was kinda glad that there’s no shokura this week so I don’t have to wake up at 9am on Sunday. I slept till the afternoon. I’m just glad that I finally get a lot of time to sleep. 

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