September 29, 2014

wtf interview

Finally the last interview session was held yesterday. I told my colleague that I’ll come on the 2nd shift instead of the 1st one though, because I have to drink my meds and one of them make me sleepy. So I drank the meds in the morning and have some more sleep. Then I woke up in the noon to get ready for the interview.
I don’t remember how many times I’ve been an interviewer. Yet I’m sure that I get stricter every time. I only interviewed 4 people today and only one of them pass the interview LOL.
The first one person was kinda answering the questions so that we’d accept him, and some of his answers are just wtf. The second one was soooooo bad, he’s so negative and pessimistic and kinda wanna die fast, seriously wtf -_- The third one was the only one passed the interview, he was still kinda confused of everything but I know he’ll be doing good once he gets the idea of everything. The last one was the only girl I interviewed yesterday, and seriously wtf. I interviewed her together with two colleagues of mine and both of them are guys so I have to be extra strict with the interviewee since the guys would be nicer to girls, in general. Her answers weren’t good either, and seem like one who’d disappear if she got accepted. She said that I don’t smile at all when the interview has ended. I just stared at her and she goes out of the room. Is she picking a fight with me? totally wtf -_-
I love being an interviewer because I could learn about new people and such. It’s so important to know that there are a lot of different people with different personalities out there, so we wouldn’t be so selfish and only think about ourselves. 

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