September 2, 2014

this doesn’t look like Elsa….

I somehow got the urge to draw something after drawing the hand on a whiteboard yesterday. I wanna learn to draw realism (those face drawing, specifically) for quite some time, and I’ve never been able to draw human face well. I decided to draw Elsa from frozen as my first practice. She’s not a real human but the animation’s good so I thought it’d be easier to draw. 
I was too lazy to put more details and use this and that technique though. I was too lazy to put more details on her eyeshadow……..
and I think this looks like some chinese woman instead or a drag queen instead of ice queen LOL. Her nose is totally wrong, yet it took the longest time for me to draw a nose that doesn’t really look like a pig’s nose lol. I’ve always had a hard time drawing a nose since forever! The shading is pretty much wrong either but I was already unmotivated after drawing her nose….

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