September 2, 2014

the hand

New school year is beginning son, and the student organization that I’m currently in is recruiting new members. It’s not the first time for me to be an interviewer. I also did the interview last year. We’re grouped into 2 or 3 to interview the people. I was stricter in assessing the interviewees this time. 2 of 5 that I interviewed failed. The first interviewee was super nervous and he totally couldn’t see into my eyes for more than a sec LOL
I also decorated the whiteboard in the classroom. I drew the hand which is part of the logo for the recruitment programme.
I haven’t drawn a lot since I graduated high school. It’s ugly for my standard, although I’m still glad that the others said it’s good LOL. I was too lazy to draw it nicely because I had to use a marker and I don’t really like to draw using marker.

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