September 16, 2014

The Day Before The Event

I’m finally feeling better. I’ve been so tired and sick since the event finished -_- I was gonna write about this year’s event yesterday, but no one’s uploaded that particular pic that I wanna post here yet. So I guess I’m just gonna use another pics instead.
The general rehearsal was on Friday. I went to the supermarket at 1pm to buy some snacks for us. I was starving during the rehearsal last year, so I’d definitely prevent myself getting starved again this year.
Then I went to the campus to pick up the others and goodie bags. There’s a looooot of goodie bags that have to be brought to the venue. My car’s mazda 2 so I brought only like 100 of them. My car was so full of goodie bags and the others were definitely having hard time to sit comfortably because of those bags LOL.
Apparently no one in my car really knew the route to go there. Two of them said they knew but they’re just as hopeless as the others -_- Luckily we didn’t get lost, like last year LOL
We got there around 5pm or something…… honestly I don’t remember at all. But we got plenty of time until the rehearsal for the play. The others were busy preparing this and that, but I kinda have nothing to do. So I, D and A went to mcdonald’s and starbucks to have a quick dinner.
The rehearsal for the play finally started at around 10pm. I stayed at the backstage because I have to help with their costumes. I was kinda mad when one of them lost their t-shirt that’s gonna be worn on the play.
I mostly saw them in this view, because I have to stay at the backstage. Honestly I kinda miss the feeling of being on the stage LOL. It was me and the others last year, now it’s their turn! 
I got to watch them only during the last part, when they don’t have to change their clothes anymore. 
We had a little evaluation and such after they finish the rehearsal. Then we went home to have some rest.
I got back home at 1am. There’s not much time until the time that I have to go to the campus again, which is 4am. I decided to not sleep because that’s kinda not my time to sleep yet. So I watched masterchef jr on starworld instead lol.

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