September 19, 2014

that kind of happiness

I was so upset yesterday! My colleague was a total ass I just can’t stand him anymore. I went to the campus for nothing! The work was canceled and he doesn’t say so! OMG I’d totally throw him to the deepest pit in hell! The weather was so hot yesterday and it reaches 35°C! If the place where we’re supposed to meet is a nice air conditioned building I probably wouldn’t get that mad yesterday -_- and the UV index was probably either very high or extreme -_-
I went to the mall to calm myself down. I bought a few manga although I kinda have no space left to keep it.
Manga is so expensive these days! They cost me almost IDR 110k and it’s only 6 books -_- It’s IDR 18.500 each… and it was only IDR 9.800 like…… 10 years ago? LOL. I could get 10 books for IDR 100k. I used to buy manga like every week when it was still cheap.
Then I went to Starbucks to read those books and have some drink. I bought green tea frappuccino. I spent like hours there. I took me so long to finish one manga now. I used to read one tankobon in 15 minutes, and I read it in around 45 minutes -_-
Then I moved to the restaurant next to the cafe. It’s Nanny’s Pavillon. I haven’t been there for months. It’s so nice to finally eat their delicious baked rice again lol. I ordered Salmon Baked Rice and the salmon skin was so crispy and the cheese and eveything is so yummy…..I wanna eat it again!!
I finally went home at around 4 or 5pm. It’s so nice to get my mind off anything stressful for a while~ I think it’s been some time since I feel that kind of happiness yesterday.

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