September 3, 2014

Taylor Momsen Drawing

I decided to draw a real human! I drew Elsa but I was totally not satisfied with the result :/
I drew Taylor Momsen, one of my idols. I think she’s my only idol that is not Japanese LOL. She’s in a band called The Pretty Reckless. She used to act before forming the band. She played my fav character in Gossip Girl, Jenny. I still remember an interview I read where she said, “acting is easy, but music is about being yourself” or something like that. 

I’m still not that satisfied with the result, even though it’s better than Elsa (I think). Her cheeks was too fat and I re-draw that part and now it’s too thin and I’m just too lazy to draw it again because there’s lots of shading around it -_- The drawing isn’t exactly look like her, but it turned out quite nice actually…… definitely nicer than I thought it’d be LOL

It’s somehow kinda hard for me to find her pic that could be drawn easily lol. I finally found a pic on that I like and not hard to draw….
I’ll probably draw a few more drawings if I still have this sudden passion to draw LOL

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