September 17, 2014


I went to the campus at 4am, to pick up the others. It’s later than the first plan, yet the others were still late. I was pretty mad and kinda moody because I didn’t sleep. 
We finally went to the venue at around 5am. Some people were already there since they don’t go home. I heard they only had an hour to sleep until they have to wake up again. I gave them half of the snacks that I buy and I’m glad they eat it.
It’s an event for computer science freshmen that is held every year. This year’s event had a very big improvement since they have that screen on the stage. The event itself started earlier this year. It used to start at 12pm. For some reasons, it started at 9am this year.
We still had plenty of time until the event starts, so we polished the guys’ nails LOL.
His character was a drag queen, so we had a very fun time to polish his nails LOL. There were two other guys who also got their nails polished, but I forgot to take pics. One was polished all black because his character was a scary guy and the other who played as the very awkward narrator was green on five nails and pink on the other five LOL
I kinda have nothing to do. I asked for something to do but they’re rather easy and quick job so I just have nothing to do again and again and again, which is very odd because I see the others were busy, yet the people I asked have nothing to do as well LOL
Then I started doing their makeups, along with a few others. I only did one full makeup though. I only did like the eyeshadow and brows for two other people. Though I also put the false eye lashes to most of them.
It was very very very fun because we don’t actually give them the pretty makeup LOL. The one person that I did the whole makeup for play the pretty and nice girl character. A lot of people said her makeup ended up like a geisha instead LOL. Her eyeshadow were white and pinkish red with pretty long eyeliner wings lol. Her nose ended up like an amusement park mascot and I can’t stop laughing while doing the contourLOL.
 So this is the only pic I took with her. We were in a rush and I use front camera and I’m kinda sad because the quality’s not good thus the makeup doesn’t show clearly :(
Some of the boys have really dark skin and their foundation was yellow-ish tone which still doesn’t match their skin tone. So they look like they have some sickness with those gray yellowish faces I just can’t stop laughing everytime I see them LOL
This pic was taken after they finished the play. Actually there’s a pic of them including the backstage crews (me!) but it’s not uploaded yet and idk why. They look so funny LOL
I couldn’t see much of the play because I have to stay at the backstage for most of the time. I went to the front after they finished changing their last clothes though.
I’m glad that I managed to take this pic because it’s when the players could feel the joy, satisfaction, and grateful that they’ve played the play. It’s such an irreplaceable feeling that even I could still remember it after a year has passed. I’m glad they felt it too :D I wouldn’t refuse if I get to feel that feeling again, but I won’t do this play again because my juniors should feel that feeling too! It’s definitely something that can’t be bought with money LOL
The play finished and it’s time for the guest star. I ended up having nothing to do again and again so I just look for some jobs but they’re just quick and easy ones so I end up having nothing to do again -_-
So I just rested for quite some time because my feet were already sore. The event ended at around 6pm, after the DJ performance. I didn’t really play attention during the DJ performance though.
Then we just cleaned up while waiting for all of the freshmen to go home. Some people got crazy and they start spraying colored hairspray to each other’s hair LOL
They even got crazier when they just put shampoo on people’s head -_- I’m just glad that no one put the shampoo on me else I’d get really really really mad LOL. One of the guy even got his nails polished in pink because he sprayed a girl’s hair LOL
This year’s event was definitely so fun and crazier. I love being involved in events because I get to burn a lot of calories LOL and there’s always fun stuff in it! No one should miss it if they got a chance to be involved! I got home at 10pm or something and was dead tired. I felt so dead on Sunday since my flu get worse -_-

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