September 26, 2014

Reading Manga in a Bookstore

Bookstores have always been one of my fav places ever since I was a kid. I used to buy manga a lot, like once every one or two weeks. I also bought novels. Then I spent even more time in bookstores at the stationary and art section, to buy some art supplies for school. 
However I just recently started a new thing in a bookstore which is reading manga there LOL. Mangas are wrapped in plastic there, but apparently some of them has been opened and read. I’ve seen people read mangas in bookstores since I was a kid, but I never thought to join them. 
It started when I was waiting for my dad last Tuesday. I had like a few hours free so I decide to go to the bookstore. I went there and there’s a lot of people reading mangas there, they even sat on the floor! 
So I just joined them, after finding a manga to read LOL. I always pick a manga based on the cover and the title. I even sat on the floor as well LOL.
Each title has like one or two books that aren’t wrapped in plastic anymore. The price has risen up again to IDR 20k each. I felt like I was in heaven to be able read those manga LOL. The staffs didn’t mind at all and they’re just like there doing their job (which is replacing the price tags to the new expensive one, at that time).
I was kinda shocked to see a girl opened the plastic wrap like it doesn’t matter at all. I honestly don’t know if it even does matter at all because the staff doesn’t care as well LOL. There’s a manga that I wanna read but there’s no one that’s been opened yet. So I finally opened one of the book as well LOL.
I wish the bookstore would open a library as well because I still kinda feel guilty to read them there for free instead of buying them. But I think there’s not much space left for books anymore in my home….. I think I could only buy like 5 more manga and that’s it I have no more space to keep them all! (FYI I have around 4 or 5 or 6 hundreds of manga! I don’t really remember because I stopped counting them since 6 or 7 years ago)
My dad even took a pic when he sees me LOL. I know he’d totally laugh to see me reading manga in a bookstore, so comfy like that yet I was like a lost kid LOL. And another information, most of the people who read there were adults! 

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