September 9, 2014

One Piece Hair Studio: Root Touch Up

My roots grow pretty fast. I always bleach/dye my hair every 3 months or so. My hair is currently blonde so the roots are even more obvious since my natural hair color is black.
I went to One Piece hair salon to touch my roots up last Saturday. It’s my 3rd time going there! The first time was when my green hair needed to be fixed and the second one was for ahair cut.

It took 3 hours to get all done. I wasn’t that satisfied with the result because there’s some part that’s still somewhat black. It’s not visible in this pic though……. well the assistant did most of the bleaching so I don’t expect too much either.
I prefer going to one piece instead of the old (and kinda cheaper) salon I used to go for bleaching because they know better what they’re doing. My scalp didn’t burn and hurt as much as I did at the salon I used to go. And I could achieve this nice bleached blonde color without having to tone it using white toner in One Piece. I used to get bleached twice and then toned using white toner at the old salon and it’s still yellowish blonde…..

However, I LOOOOOOVEEEE the styling! It’s done by the stylist who cut my hair last month. It’s just a simple wavy hair and I could do it as well using the curling iron. But he knew exactly what kind of wave that I want so I’m soooo happy with the result!

I didn’t take a pic right after I get my hair done, so it wasn’t as pretty as the “fresh” one. 

My eyes look like shit so I’d just cover it here……
My hair was still pretty wavy when I go to the campus yesterday. I was kinda nervous because it’s my first time to go to campus with wavy hair. I’m glad that most of my colleagues just commented about my root touch up instead of the wavy hair…………

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