September 6, 2014

Makeup ~Run & Chase~

I finally remembered to take pics during the stage play practice yesterday! I was too exhausted though to write about my day yesterday. It’s pretty much the same with the days before, but we gotta did the practice with makeup on! I got to do their makeup this year, and it’s so exciting to put super thick makeup on people LOL. I played for the stage play last year, and my makeup was so thick and tacky and totally wtf LOL. We all did our best to do their makeup especially to the boys because they kept running and I and the others have to chase them and hold them so they wouldn’t run or move anymore LOL.
Some of them who have darker skin look like zombie because of the foundation LOL the color just didn’t blend on them. I studied about stage makeup a little bit a few days ago, and they said to put foundation with darker tone than your actual skin color, so you won’t look so pale on the stage. I don’t think it’s applicable for asian skin though since our skin tone’s warm, even the whitest aren’t that pale. 
Since I work on the backstage this year, mostly helping them with their outfits, so this is my usual view. I still observed them from the back, to give evaluation later after they finished the practice.
I still remember that satisfying feeling on the stage, after we finished the play in front of the audience. It was so awesome and I’m glad that I was a part of it. I hope they’ll feel the same as I did last year!

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