September 30, 2014


I’ve got a loooooot of projects to be done and it’s still a week since the 1st day of junior year in uni. Some of them are due this week, and the others are due at the end of the year.
I kinda have to make a book about a topic for the compiling techniques class. It’s a group work, and we’ve assigned the task for each of us. I didn’t have a class at all yesterday, but I have to go to campus for a meeting. I still had some spare time until the meeting starts so I went to the library to get some references for the task.
There’s only a few books about that topic yet they’re all so thick and heavy. So I just took pics of the pages needed instead of borrowing the books LOL.
There’s also one other book that I need to do my other hw. We’re supposed to buy it but apparently there’s a looooot of error in my uni’s website and eveything’s so fucked up. So some said that book is compulsory and some said it’s not. We’re supposed to get that book at the library (usually they’d give us in the classroom). I was gonna get that book but the librarian said it’s out of stock -_- Then I checked on the library, and there’s none left -_- They seriously need to update their collection!!!! The library sucks -_-

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