September 4, 2014

kinda busy

I’m soooooo sleepy!!! I went to campus in the afternoon to help the play. I didn’t do much, and I’m glad lol. I mostly helped the actors/actresses to change their outfits and comment on their act, and eat LOL. I ate quite a lot today…. two onigiris, two taiyakis, and one chocolate & cheese brownie.
Then I helped to make the logo of another upcoming event later in the evening. I’m glad that finally the lesson I learned in high school could be used in real life. Logo making wasn’t my fav lesson in art & design class, but I got a lot of knowledge of it which is very useful now. I didn’t practically helped to create the logo. I just told the guy who’s supposed to make it about the theory, why this and that, and give him some advices.
Some of my colleagues kept asking me why am I not in the creative and design division in the student organization or any design and documentation division on events LOL. It’s kinda funny to see them kinda amazed with me with those art knowledges that I know. I’m glad that I could share it with them, because I think it really opened their mind of logo making, as it’s not as simple as they thought LOL
I actually wanna draw another portrait tonight, although I don’t know whose face I should draw. But I’m so sleepy and I’d rather sleep because I have to wake up earlier tomorrow. I just got home at 9pm and I’ve been sleepy for hours yet I still don’t wanna sleep…..

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