September 24, 2014

Junior Year

Yesterday was the first day of my junior year in college. It was pretty good. Even better than I expected!
The first class was network programming at 3:20pm. The class was supposed to be 100 minutes but the materials weren’t that many and most of them have been studied on the previous semester. So the class ended fast! It’s only 30 or 40 min, I was so grateful LOL. Although I kinda have nothing to do for roughly an hour before the next class begins.
Then the second class was operating system. I learned about commands in linux. It’s my first time to use linux. I was kinda having errors here and there at first. I’m glad that I could catch up though. It ended earlier than it should be as well! It ended at around 6:30pm.
The traffic jam was already bad though. The traffic jam has always been bad every beginning of school year. I wish it’s located in more strategic place so I could ride the nice bus instead of my own car or the scary and dangerous bus…….

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