September 26, 2014


I bought a new legging last Sunday at H&M. I didn’t try it at the store because it’s closing and they’ve closed the fitting room. I tried it at home and it’s too big for me. So I went back to the store to exchange it with a smaller size on Tuesday. 
I bought it at H&M in Grand Indonesia. The mall’s located in a very strategic area in the city yet the traffic jam is always unbearable for me during weekday. So I went there by bus~ It’s almost rush hour and some of the bus was full already but I’m glad that the bus I was riding wasn’t still pretty spacey.
Then I got hungry so I buy this snack from a newly opened store (well it wasn’t there the last time I went there). It was pretty good. I think it’s much better than shihlin’s chicken. There’s also tteokbokki and potatoes on the cup.
Then I wanted something sweet so I buy this ice cream. My cough got worse after eating the ice cream lol. I coughed till tears fall out of my eyes. Perhaps I shouldn’t buy any ice cream till I get fully healed.
My dad’s office isn’t far from the mall so I asked him for dinner because we haven’t met for quite some time. I waited for him at the bookstore. I read a lot of mangas there LOL.
After my dad arrived, we go to the food court for dinner. I had pho noodle for the first time in years! It’s been a really loooooooooong time since the last time I had pho.
Then I went home.

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