September 28, 2014

Dear Cough, I hate you!

I decided to see a doctor two days ago. My cough’s not got better. I just don’t wanna cough until tears fall out of my eyes in public anymore -_-
I was given two medicines, one for the flu and the other one to increase my immune system. The doctor also said I should rest more because I appear to be too tired LOL. I am tired but I kinda don’t wanna sleep too much lol.
I was told not to eat this and that. I even changed my daily snacks to biscuits instead of chocolates!
The med given made me sleepy. I had to drink it 2 and 3 times a day. So I have to take it every morning.
I had a class at 7:20am yesterday. Luckily it ended at 8am! I still had another class at 11:20am so I can’t go home yet. I just slept at the car for almost 3 hours. I was kinda don’t want anyone to see me sleeping in the car so I slept at the backseat. But my feet were getting tired because I can’t get my legs into straight position. So I just moved to the driver’s seat in the end. Apparently it’s much more comfortable to sleep on the driver’s seat. I even had a dream of my friends and I going to the mall and we took some purikura but we somehow lost the pics -_-

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