September 12, 2014


My internet connection was pretty bad yesterday and the day before so I was too lazy to write anything. The event is gonna be held this Saturday and I’m so excited yet worried finally another event.
The last practice of the play was yesterday but I got sick so I stay at home instead and luckily I’m way more better today! I can’t believe I could recover this fast perhaps because I slept a lot yesterday lol.
The practice on the day before was pretty bad because they can’t get a classroom for practice so we have to find another place. 
Since that place wasn’t so comfy and the weather was quite hot and they’re already tired so they weren’t practicing seriously. I told them to stop and do it again starting from the beginning. It’s the first time I clearly got mad at them. I didn’t yell at them or anything but I just use firm voice while talking and stare at them lol. 
One of them then told me a story that her friend was interviewed by me last year when they’re applying to the student org and her friend told her that I was scary and she doesn’t believe it until two days ago lol. I thought I’d be expressionless as always when I was mad at them but I actually scare them enough(???) LOL 
I had a technical meeting for the event today. We’ll obviously do our best again this year but I still wish the best for the event on Saturday!

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