September 22, 2014

18 Doughnuts

I bought a dozen and a half doughnuts last Saturday (well it’s monday 1am so….) at J.Co. I really really wanted doughnuts. I was planning to eat the glazed one as many as possible. 
I’ve eaten 4 of these. My fav is the oreo cheesecake! I don’t really remember the rest of the names….. There’s carrousel for the caramel, heaven berry (the pink with swirl), strawberry caviar, crispy crispy or something, green tea something………
and strawberry  fondue….. ok I just read it on the box -_-
I’ve eaten all of the glazy though. Sadly I couldn’t eat all six at once as I planned since I was too full because of dinner.
I ate fish and chips for dinner. I actually only wanted the mashed potatoes, but they don’t sell the mashed potato alone so I have to buy the fish as well………… It’s New York Fish and Chips by Fish & Co. !!

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