September 30, 2014

WIWT Editor's Choice

I joined WIWT in July. I just realized that some of my recent outfits I post there was picked as the editor’s choice (my username is milkyquartz)! I didn’t expect it at all because my pic and pose totally sucks compared to the others LOL.
I joined WIWT in July. I just realized that some of my recent outfits I post there was picked as the editor’s choice (my username is milkyquartz)! I didn’t expect it at all because my pic and pose totally sucks compared to the others LOL.


I’ve got a loooooot of projects to be done and it’s still a week since the 1st day of junior year in uni. Some of them are due this week, and the others are due at the end of the year.
I kinda have to make a book about a topic for the compiling techniques class. It’s a group work, and we’ve assigned the task for each of us. I didn’t have a class at all yesterday, but I have to go to campus for a meeting. I still had some spare time until the meeting starts so I went to the library to get some references for the task.
There’s only a few books about that topic yet they’re all so thick and heavy. So I just took pics of the pages needed instead of borrowing the books LOL.
There’s also one other book that I need to do my other hw. We’re supposed to buy it but apparently there’s a looooot of error in my uni’s website and eveything’s so fucked up. So some said that book is compulsory and some said it’s not. We’re supposed to get that book at the library (usually they’d give us in the classroom). I was gonna get that book but the librarian said it’s out of stock -_- Then I checked on the library, and there’s none left -_- They seriously need to update their collection!!!! The library sucks -_-

September 29, 2014

wtf interview

Finally the last interview session was held yesterday. I told my colleague that I’ll come on the 2nd shift instead of the 1st one though, because I have to drink my meds and one of them make me sleepy. So I drank the meds in the morning and have some more sleep. Then I woke up in the noon to get ready for the interview.
I don’t remember how many times I’ve been an interviewer. Yet I’m sure that I get stricter every time. I only interviewed 4 people today and only one of them pass the interview LOL.
The first one person was kinda answering the questions so that we’d accept him, and some of his answers are just wtf. The second one was soooooo bad, he’s so negative and pessimistic and kinda wanna die fast, seriously wtf -_- The third one was the only one passed the interview, he was still kinda confused of everything but I know he’ll be doing good once he gets the idea of everything. The last one was the only girl I interviewed yesterday, and seriously wtf. I interviewed her together with two colleagues of mine and both of them are guys so I have to be extra strict with the interviewee since the guys would be nicer to girls, in general. Her answers weren’t good either, and seem like one who’d disappear if she got accepted. She said that I don’t smile at all when the interview has ended. I just stared at her and she goes out of the room. Is she picking a fight with me? totally wtf -_-
I love being an interviewer because I could learn about new people and such. It’s so important to know that there are a lot of different people with different personalities out there, so we wouldn’t be so selfish and only think about ourselves. 

September 28, 2014

Dear Cough, I hate you!

I decided to see a doctor two days ago. My cough’s not got better. I just don’t wanna cough until tears fall out of my eyes in public anymore -_-
I was given two medicines, one for the flu and the other one to increase my immune system. The doctor also said I should rest more because I appear to be too tired LOL. I am tired but I kinda don’t wanna sleep too much lol.
I was told not to eat this and that. I even changed my daily snacks to biscuits instead of chocolates!
The med given made me sleepy. I had to drink it 2 and 3 times a day. So I have to take it every morning.
I had a class at 7:20am yesterday. Luckily it ended at 8am! I still had another class at 11:20am so I can’t go home yet. I just slept at the car for almost 3 hours. I was kinda don’t want anyone to see me sleeping in the car so I slept at the backseat. But my feet were getting tired because I can’t get my legs into straight position. So I just moved to the driver’s seat in the end. Apparently it’s much more comfortable to sleep on the driver’s seat. I even had a dream of my friends and I going to the mall and we took some purikura but we somehow lost the pics -_-

September 26, 2014

Reading Manga in a Bookstore

Bookstores have always been one of my fav places ever since I was a kid. I used to buy manga a lot, like once every one or two weeks. I also bought novels. Then I spent even more time in bookstores at the stationary and art section, to buy some art supplies for school. 
However I just recently started a new thing in a bookstore which is reading manga there LOL. Mangas are wrapped in plastic there, but apparently some of them has been opened and read. I’ve seen people read mangas in bookstores since I was a kid, but I never thought to join them. 
It started when I was waiting for my dad last Tuesday. I had like a few hours free so I decide to go to the bookstore. I went there and there’s a lot of people reading mangas there, they even sat on the floor! 
So I just joined them, after finding a manga to read LOL. I always pick a manga based on the cover and the title. I even sat on the floor as well LOL.
Each title has like one or two books that aren’t wrapped in plastic anymore. The price has risen up again to IDR 20k each. I felt like I was in heaven to be able read those manga LOL. The staffs didn’t mind at all and they’re just like there doing their job (which is replacing the price tags to the new expensive one, at that time).
I was kinda shocked to see a girl opened the plastic wrap like it doesn’t matter at all. I honestly don’t know if it even does matter at all because the staff doesn’t care as well LOL. There’s a manga that I wanna read but there’s no one that’s been opened yet. So I finally opened one of the book as well LOL.
I wish the bookstore would open a library as well because I still kinda feel guilty to read them there for free instead of buying them. But I think there’s not much space left for books anymore in my home….. I think I could only buy like 5 more manga and that’s it I have no more space to keep them all! (FYI I have around 4 or 5 or 6 hundreds of manga! I don’t really remember because I stopped counting them since 6 or 7 years ago)
My dad even took a pic when he sees me LOL. I know he’d totally laugh to see me reading manga in a bookstore, so comfy like that yet I was like a lost kid LOL. And another information, most of the people who read there were adults! 



I bought a new legging last Sunday at H&M. I didn’t try it at the store because it’s closing and they’ve closed the fitting room. I tried it at home and it’s too big for me. So I went back to the store to exchange it with a smaller size on Tuesday. 
I bought it at H&M in Grand Indonesia. The mall’s located in a very strategic area in the city yet the traffic jam is always unbearable for me during weekday. So I went there by bus~ It’s almost rush hour and some of the bus was full already but I’m glad that the bus I was riding wasn’t still pretty spacey.
Then I got hungry so I buy this snack from a newly opened store (well it wasn’t there the last time I went there). It was pretty good. I think it’s much better than shihlin’s chicken. There’s also tteokbokki and potatoes on the cup.
Then I wanted something sweet so I buy this ice cream. My cough got worse after eating the ice cream lol. I coughed till tears fall out of my eyes. Perhaps I shouldn’t buy any ice cream till I get fully healed.
My dad’s office isn’t far from the mall so I asked him for dinner because we haven’t met for quite some time. I waited for him at the bookstore. I read a lot of mangas there LOL.
After my dad arrived, we go to the food court for dinner. I had pho noodle for the first time in years! It’s been a really loooooooooong time since the last time I had pho.
Then I went home.

September 24, 2014

Junior Year

Yesterday was the first day of my junior year in college. It was pretty good. Even better than I expected!
The first class was network programming at 3:20pm. The class was supposed to be 100 minutes but the materials weren’t that many and most of them have been studied on the previous semester. So the class ended fast! It’s only 30 or 40 min, I was so grateful LOL. Although I kinda have nothing to do for roughly an hour before the next class begins.
Then the second class was operating system. I learned about commands in linux. It’s my first time to use linux. I was kinda having errors here and there at first. I’m glad that I could catch up though. It ended earlier than it should be as well! It ended at around 6:30pm.
The traffic jam was already bad though. The traffic jam has always been bad every beginning of school year. I wish it’s located in more strategic place so I could ride the nice bus instead of my own car or the scary and dangerous bus…….


September 23, 2014

September 22, 2014

18 Doughnuts

I bought a dozen and a half doughnuts last Saturday (well it’s monday 1am so….) at J.Co. I really really wanted doughnuts. I was planning to eat the glazed one as many as possible. 
I’ve eaten 4 of these. My fav is the oreo cheesecake! I don’t really remember the rest of the names….. There’s carrousel for the caramel, heaven berry (the pink with swirl), strawberry caviar, crispy crispy or something, green tea something………
and strawberry  fondue….. ok I just read it on the box -_-
I’ve eaten all of the glazy though. Sadly I couldn’t eat all six at once as I planned since I was too full because of dinner.
I ate fish and chips for dinner. I actually only wanted the mashed potatoes, but they don’t sell the mashed potato alone so I have to buy the fish as well………… It’s New York Fish and Chips by Fish & Co. !!

September 19, 2014

that kind of happiness

I was so upset yesterday! My colleague was a total ass I just can’t stand him anymore. I went to the campus for nothing! The work was canceled and he doesn’t say so! OMG I’d totally throw him to the deepest pit in hell! The weather was so hot yesterday and it reaches 35°C! If the place where we’re supposed to meet is a nice air conditioned building I probably wouldn’t get that mad yesterday -_- and the UV index was probably either very high or extreme -_-
I went to the mall to calm myself down. I bought a few manga although I kinda have no space left to keep it.
Manga is so expensive these days! They cost me almost IDR 110k and it’s only 6 books -_- It’s IDR 18.500 each… and it was only IDR 9.800 like…… 10 years ago? LOL. I could get 10 books for IDR 100k. I used to buy manga like every week when it was still cheap.
Then I went to Starbucks to read those books and have some drink. I bought green tea frappuccino. I spent like hours there. I took me so long to finish one manga now. I used to read one tankobon in 15 minutes, and I read it in around 45 minutes -_-
Then I moved to the restaurant next to the cafe. It’s Nanny’s Pavillon. I haven’t been there for months. It’s so nice to finally eat their delicious baked rice again lol. I ordered Salmon Baked Rice and the salmon skin was so crispy and the cheese and eveything is so yummy…..I wanna eat it again!!
I finally went home at around 4 or 5pm. It’s so nice to get my mind off anything stressful for a while~ I think it’s been some time since I feel that kind of happiness yesterday.

September 18, 2014

Rurouni Kenshin: Kyoto Inferno

I watched rurouni kenshin: kyoto inferno yesterday!
The japanese title is るろうに剣心 京都大火編 (Rurouni Kenshin: Kyoto Taika-hen). I watched it alone because it’s kinda sudden and asking others would just take too much time.
Everyone who watched this get these bookmarks. I somehow got 4 although I was alone (or is it because I was alone and they just pity me? -_-). It’s better known as samurai x in my country. I remember watching some of the episodes when I was a kid.
The movie was good and the props were incredible. I was kinda confused at first because I haven’t watched the first movie yet. I didn’t expect there’d be so much blood in the movie. Kamiki Ryunosuke is the only eye candy in the movie LOL. Takeru’s pretty attractive in that movie too LOL.
It was a total cliffhanger though. I really wanna watch The Legend Ends as soon as possible! I asked T if it’s played in SG but it hasn’t. They’re still aired the 2nd one as well. I was totally gonna go there if the last movie of the trilogy is aired there LOL. The 3rd movie’s out in Japan and Philippines I envy them soooo much I wanna watch it too :/ 

September 17, 2014


I went to the campus at 4am, to pick up the others. It’s later than the first plan, yet the others were still late. I was pretty mad and kinda moody because I didn’t sleep. 
We finally went to the venue at around 5am. Some people were already there since they don’t go home. I heard they only had an hour to sleep until they have to wake up again. I gave them half of the snacks that I buy and I’m glad they eat it.
It’s an event for computer science freshmen that is held every year. This year’s event had a very big improvement since they have that screen on the stage. The event itself started earlier this year. It used to start at 12pm. For some reasons, it started at 9am this year.
We still had plenty of time until the event starts, so we polished the guys’ nails LOL.
His character was a drag queen, so we had a very fun time to polish his nails LOL. There were two other guys who also got their nails polished, but I forgot to take pics. One was polished all black because his character was a scary guy and the other who played as the very awkward narrator was green on five nails and pink on the other five LOL
I kinda have nothing to do. I asked for something to do but they’re rather easy and quick job so I just have nothing to do again and again and again, which is very odd because I see the others were busy, yet the people I asked have nothing to do as well LOL
Then I started doing their makeups, along with a few others. I only did one full makeup though. I only did like the eyeshadow and brows for two other people. Though I also put the false eye lashes to most of them.
It was very very very fun because we don’t actually give them the pretty makeup LOL. The one person that I did the whole makeup for play the pretty and nice girl character. A lot of people said her makeup ended up like a geisha instead LOL. Her eyeshadow were white and pinkish red with pretty long eyeliner wings lol. Her nose ended up like an amusement park mascot and I can’t stop laughing while doing the contourLOL.
 So this is the only pic I took with her. We were in a rush and I use front camera and I’m kinda sad because the quality’s not good thus the makeup doesn’t show clearly :(
Some of the boys have really dark skin and their foundation was yellow-ish tone which still doesn’t match their skin tone. So they look like they have some sickness with those gray yellowish faces I just can’t stop laughing everytime I see them LOL
This pic was taken after they finished the play. Actually there’s a pic of them including the backstage crews (me!) but it’s not uploaded yet and idk why. They look so funny LOL
I couldn’t see much of the play because I have to stay at the backstage for most of the time. I went to the front after they finished changing their last clothes though.
I’m glad that I managed to take this pic because it’s when the players could feel the joy, satisfaction, and grateful that they’ve played the play. It’s such an irreplaceable feeling that even I could still remember it after a year has passed. I’m glad they felt it too :D I wouldn’t refuse if I get to feel that feeling again, but I won’t do this play again because my juniors should feel that feeling too! It’s definitely something that can’t be bought with money LOL
The play finished and it’s time for the guest star. I ended up having nothing to do again and again so I just look for some jobs but they’re just quick and easy ones so I end up having nothing to do again -_-
So I just rested for quite some time because my feet were already sore. The event ended at around 6pm, after the DJ performance. I didn’t really play attention during the DJ performance though.
Then we just cleaned up while waiting for all of the freshmen to go home. Some people got crazy and they start spraying colored hairspray to each other’s hair LOL
They even got crazier when they just put shampoo on people’s head -_- I’m just glad that no one put the shampoo on me else I’d get really really really mad LOL. One of the guy even got his nails polished in pink because he sprayed a girl’s hair LOL
This year’s event was definitely so fun and crazier. I love being involved in events because I get to burn a lot of calories LOL and there’s always fun stuff in it! No one should miss it if they got a chance to be involved! I got home at 10pm or something and was dead tired. I felt so dead on Sunday since my flu get worse -_-

September 16, 2014

The Day Before The Event

I’m finally feeling better. I’ve been so tired and sick since the event finished -_- I was gonna write about this year’s event yesterday, but no one’s uploaded that particular pic that I wanna post here yet. So I guess I’m just gonna use another pics instead.
The general rehearsal was on Friday. I went to the supermarket at 1pm to buy some snacks for us. I was starving during the rehearsal last year, so I’d definitely prevent myself getting starved again this year.
Then I went to the campus to pick up the others and goodie bags. There’s a looooot of goodie bags that have to be brought to the venue. My car’s mazda 2 so I brought only like 100 of them. My car was so full of goodie bags and the others were definitely having hard time to sit comfortably because of those bags LOL.
Apparently no one in my car really knew the route to go there. Two of them said they knew but they’re just as hopeless as the others -_- Luckily we didn’t get lost, like last year LOL
We got there around 5pm or something…… honestly I don’t remember at all. But we got plenty of time until the rehearsal for the play. The others were busy preparing this and that, but I kinda have nothing to do. So I, D and A went to mcdonald’s and starbucks to have a quick dinner.
The rehearsal for the play finally started at around 10pm. I stayed at the backstage because I have to help with their costumes. I was kinda mad when one of them lost their t-shirt that’s gonna be worn on the play.
I mostly saw them in this view, because I have to stay at the backstage. Honestly I kinda miss the feeling of being on the stage LOL. It was me and the others last year, now it’s their turn! 
I got to watch them only during the last part, when they don’t have to change their clothes anymore. 
We had a little evaluation and such after they finish the rehearsal. Then we went home to have some rest.
I got back home at 1am. There’s not much time until the time that I have to go to the campus again, which is 4am. I decided to not sleep because that’s kinda not my time to sleep yet. So I watched masterchef jr on starworld instead lol.

September 12, 2014


My internet connection was pretty bad yesterday and the day before so I was too lazy to write anything. The event is gonna be held this Saturday and I’m so excited yet worried finally another event.
The last practice of the play was yesterday but I got sick so I stay at home instead and luckily I’m way more better today! I can’t believe I could recover this fast perhaps because I slept a lot yesterday lol.
The practice on the day before was pretty bad because they can’t get a classroom for practice so we have to find another place. 
Since that place wasn’t so comfy and the weather was quite hot and they’re already tired so they weren’t practicing seriously. I told them to stop and do it again starting from the beginning. It’s the first time I clearly got mad at them. I didn’t yell at them or anything but I just use firm voice while talking and stare at them lol. 
One of them then told me a story that her friend was interviewed by me last year when they’re applying to the student org and her friend told her that I was scary and she doesn’t believe it until two days ago lol. I thought I’d be expressionless as always when I was mad at them but I actually scare them enough(???) LOL 
I had a technical meeting for the event today. We’ll obviously do our best again this year but I still wish the best for the event on Saturday!

September 9, 2014

One Piece Hair Studio: Root Touch Up

My roots grow pretty fast. I always bleach/dye my hair every 3 months or so. My hair is currently blonde so the roots are even more obvious since my natural hair color is black.
I went to One Piece hair salon to touch my roots up last Saturday. It’s my 3rd time going there! The first time was when my green hair needed to be fixed and the second one was for ahair cut.

It took 3 hours to get all done. I wasn’t that satisfied with the result because there’s some part that’s still somewhat black. It’s not visible in this pic though……. well the assistant did most of the bleaching so I don’t expect too much either.
I prefer going to one piece instead of the old (and kinda cheaper) salon I used to go for bleaching because they know better what they’re doing. My scalp didn’t burn and hurt as much as I did at the salon I used to go. And I could achieve this nice bleached blonde color without having to tone it using white toner in One Piece. I used to get bleached twice and then toned using white toner at the old salon and it’s still yellowish blonde…..

However, I LOOOOOOVEEEE the styling! It’s done by the stylist who cut my hair last month. It’s just a simple wavy hair and I could do it as well using the curling iron. But he knew exactly what kind of wave that I want so I’m soooo happy with the result!

I didn’t take a pic right after I get my hair done, so it wasn’t as pretty as the “fresh” one. 

My eyes look like shit so I’d just cover it here……
My hair was still pretty wavy when I go to the campus yesterday. I was kinda nervous because it’s my first time to go to campus with wavy hair. I’m glad that most of my colleagues just commented about my root touch up instead of the wavy hair…………

September 7, 2014

Digimon 30 Day Challenge

I’m kinda bored and I’m very into digimon (again) lately so I decided to do this digimon challenge in one day. I googled it and I find it here, and the digimoncaps itself probably has changed their url since it can’t be found….
6 years old, when I was a 1st grader in elementary school. It just aired in a local channel in my country in 2000. I watched it every sunday morning.
The original one! the old one from season 1
Patamon. I had tailmon doll though….
Takari. Seriously why didn’t end up together??????????
Dakari -_-
Takari (though they didn’t end up together in the end, they’re my very first otp throughout all anime’s I’ve watched though)
Taichi of course -_-
I haven’t watched savers and only watched half of the frontier season, so I will exclude them. My least fav season is xros wars, because I just don’t see anything special in it. To be honest, I don’t really remember anything about it…………….. 
I think Mimi and I would get along pretty well? because of the girly stuff….
Daisuke or miyako….. they’re both annoying for me -_-
I like pink…… so Hikari. I love ruki heart broken t-shirt and izumi’s outfits as well though.
Miyako……. she dressed like an old lady.
Angewomon vs ladydevimon, especially the slapping and kicking each other part LOL
I always cried during the last episode of 01 and 03. The parting moment always made me cry, either being a 6 yo kid, teenager, or 20 yo (now) -_-
When silphymon couldn’t kill ladydevimon because freaking miyako was hesitated to kill a digimon omg I literally swore at her so many times (luckily no one saw me watching that episode lol)
Ladydevimon. I hope she’ll make another appearance next year! Hopefully she’ll have another slapping session with angewomon LOL
D-reaper is totally disgusting, even more disgusting than apokarimon’s blood.
Mimi’s mother!
S02E13 The Call of Dagomon/Dagomon no Yobigoe/ダゴモンの呼び声 (well since I’m a takari shipper……)
Well…. I would as a very very very very best friend.
Japanese names. Even the indonesian dubbed version used their Japanese name, so I’m not that familiar with their english names (apart from reading them on fanfics)
hayaku koete or something….. (I couldn’t hear it clearly) that angewomon said to atlurkabuterimon during her fight on season 1 with lady devimon so he wouldn’t interrupt their fight LOL
Motomiya family is so annoying (daisuke and jun)

September 6, 2014

Makeup ~Run & Chase~

I finally remembered to take pics during the stage play practice yesterday! I was too exhausted though to write about my day yesterday. It’s pretty much the same with the days before, but we gotta did the practice with makeup on! I got to do their makeup this year, and it’s so exciting to put super thick makeup on people LOL. I played for the stage play last year, and my makeup was so thick and tacky and totally wtf LOL. We all did our best to do their makeup especially to the boys because they kept running and I and the others have to chase them and hold them so they wouldn’t run or move anymore LOL.
Some of them who have darker skin look like zombie because of the foundation LOL the color just didn’t blend on them. I studied about stage makeup a little bit a few days ago, and they said to put foundation with darker tone than your actual skin color, so you won’t look so pale on the stage. I don’t think it’s applicable for asian skin though since our skin tone’s warm, even the whitest aren’t that pale. 
Since I work on the backstage this year, mostly helping them with their outfits, so this is my usual view. I still observed them from the back, to give evaluation later after they finished the practice.
I still remember that satisfying feeling on the stage, after we finished the play in front of the audience. It was so awesome and I’m glad that I was a part of it. I hope they’ll feel the same as I did last year!

September 5, 2014


I’m so sleepy and tired and sleepy and tired and sleepy -_- I spent the day pretty much the same with the day before. Although I somehow got to eat vegetables (which I very rarely eat) yesterday. I somehow got kinda scared to eat chicken after reading a caption of a pic in instagram, which is baby chicken or something pot pie. I got somewhat sick after reading it, although chicken have always been my fav -_- I just can’t imagine a little chick was cooked……… or perhaps I got the caption wrong -_- I just can’t immediately convert to be a vegetarian although I somewhat can’t stand seeing a chicken wing or something now. I still ate chicken for dinner, it’s a chicken ham though.

September 4, 2014

kinda busy

I’m soooooo sleepy!!! I went to campus in the afternoon to help the play. I didn’t do much, and I’m glad lol. I mostly helped the actors/actresses to change their outfits and comment on their act, and eat LOL. I ate quite a lot today…. two onigiris, two taiyakis, and one chocolate & cheese brownie.
Then I helped to make the logo of another upcoming event later in the evening. I’m glad that finally the lesson I learned in high school could be used in real life. Logo making wasn’t my fav lesson in art & design class, but I got a lot of knowledge of it which is very useful now. I didn’t practically helped to create the logo. I just told the guy who’s supposed to make it about the theory, why this and that, and give him some advices.
Some of my colleagues kept asking me why am I not in the creative and design division in the student organization or any design and documentation division on events LOL. It’s kinda funny to see them kinda amazed with me with those art knowledges that I know. I’m glad that I could share it with them, because I think it really opened their mind of logo making, as it’s not as simple as they thought LOL
I actually wanna draw another portrait tonight, although I don’t know whose face I should draw. But I’m so sleepy and I’d rather sleep because I have to wake up earlier tomorrow. I just got home at 9pm and I’ve been sleepy for hours yet I still don’t wanna sleep…..

September 3, 2014

Taylor Momsen Drawing

I decided to draw a real human! I drew Elsa but I was totally not satisfied with the result :/
I drew Taylor Momsen, one of my idols. I think she’s my only idol that is not Japanese LOL. She’s in a band called The Pretty Reckless. She used to act before forming the band. She played my fav character in Gossip Girl, Jenny. I still remember an interview I read where she said, “acting is easy, but music is about being yourself” or something like that. 

I’m still not that satisfied with the result, even though it’s better than Elsa (I think). Her cheeks was too fat and I re-draw that part and now it’s too thin and I’m just too lazy to draw it again because there’s lots of shading around it -_- The drawing isn’t exactly look like her, but it turned out quite nice actually…… definitely nicer than I thought it’d be LOL

It’s somehow kinda hard for me to find her pic that could be drawn easily lol. I finally found a pic on that I like and not hard to draw….
I’ll probably draw a few more drawings if I still have this sudden passion to draw LOL

September 2, 2014

this doesn’t look like Elsa….

I somehow got the urge to draw something after drawing the hand on a whiteboard yesterday. I wanna learn to draw realism (those face drawing, specifically) for quite some time, and I’ve never been able to draw human face well. I decided to draw Elsa from frozen as my first practice. She’s not a real human but the animation’s good so I thought it’d be easier to draw. 
I was too lazy to put more details and use this and that technique though. I was too lazy to put more details on her eyeshadow……..
and I think this looks like some chinese woman instead or a drag queen instead of ice queen LOL. Her nose is totally wrong, yet it took the longest time for me to draw a nose that doesn’t really look like a pig’s nose lol. I’ve always had a hard time drawing a nose since forever! The shading is pretty much wrong either but I was already unmotivated after drawing her nose….

the hand

New school year is beginning son, and the student organization that I’m currently in is recruiting new members. It’s not the first time for me to be an interviewer. I also did the interview last year. We’re grouped into 2 or 3 to interview the people. I was stricter in assessing the interviewees this time. 2 of 5 that I interviewed failed. The first interviewee was super nervous and he totally couldn’t see into my eyes for more than a sec LOL
I also decorated the whiteboard in the classroom. I drew the hand which is part of the logo for the recruitment programme.
I haven’t drawn a lot since I graduated high school. It’s ugly for my standard, although I’m still glad that the others said it’s good LOL. I was too lazy to draw it nicely because I had to use a marker and I don’t really like to draw using marker.