August 22, 2014

Vanilla Milk Tea

Finally calculus II class was over yesterday! And I’ll have the final exam next week. I don’t think I could pass it either this time…….. I’m just so hopeless and clueless with math -_-
It’s pretty intense yesterday because of the court thingy and a lot of people protesters on the road near the court house. Who knows what they’d do? Luckily the didn’t go anarchist like years ago. A lot of companies allowed their employees to go home early, to avoid chaos, if there’s any. I heard the protesters kinda went rogue by crashing the barbed wire fence thingy or something and the police had to throw the tear gas grenade or something to them,
Since the protesters are pretty far from my place, so I went to the mall beside my apt to buy some teas. I bought vanilla milk tea for the first time in chatime!
It was pretty good. I guess I should order it with less sugar instead, since half sugar was too sweet for me ._. I also bought my usual roasted milk tea though!
The staffs already remember me and actually I’m kinda embarrassed that they know my usual lol. My usual is roasted milk tea with double grass jelly, no ice and no sugar, and with the small straw LOL. I guess I’ve been there too many than I should? LOL

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