August 11, 2014

Sephora Haul

Since Sephora has finally opened its first and second store in Jakarta last month, I went to the first store in Plaza Indonesia. The second one is in Kota Kasablanka and it’s opened a week or two after the first store was opened. The store was bigger than I expected! 

I went there with my mom, since I’d totally buy nothing there if I go alone(=too expensive for college student). There’s a loooooot of sephora products. Meanwhile there’s only a few other brands on the store, benefit, laneige, glamglow, shiseido, and some others that I don’t remember lol. No smashbox, urban decay, hello kitty, and a loooot others that I found in sephora overseas.

These 4 items cost a million! Literally a million in IDR lol. I think it’s around USD100. Three of them are my mom’s. Mine is the sephora concealer palette only. My mom bought that sephora lip gloss and lipstick combi that I don’t remember the name, and benefit’s popular porefessional and they’re real mascara. I kinda sell the porefessional to my mom so she’d buy it so I could use it as well XD My mom said I could use the mascara as well~

I’d only been to Sephora in Paris and Singapore. The differences that I feel are the brands are still much lesser (esp compared to the one in paris) here and there were a loooooot of beauty advisors!
My mom went to the restroom while I was still looking for stuffs. So I was stuck at the beauty advisor whom helped my mom. My mom was gone for quite some time so I ended up talking with the beauty advisor about random things lol.

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