August 4, 2014

save vs spend

I got some extra money from my dad because it’s my birthday last week. I haven’t spent it yet. I really wanna buy some things that I’ve wanted. But I also wanna save it……… for future needs. I really wanna save it as bad as I wanna spend it for random things (☉_☉)
Here’s the list of things I want:
1. Pikachu R/C car and it can drift!!!
2. Dior Addict Lip Glow
3. Sephora base smoothing primer
4. Etude tear drop liner
5. Beats By Dre pink urBeats
6. Ichinose Tokiya dakimakura
7. Samsung NX mini
What I need:
1. Touch up my roots( ̄ー ̄)
How much I’m willing to spend:


  1. Haha what a dilemma. It's a good list. I'm hosting my first giveaway for my 1/2 year mark of blogging. Check it out and enter if your interested!

    1. yeah.... I hate that my hair grows so fast (╥_╥) and sure I'll check it out!