August 22, 2014

PHD’s Big Box, Pepperoni Cheese Fusilli & Froreo

I had a very not healthy dinner tonight. I just don’t know what I should eat anymore. I’m bored of everything -_- So I ordered the pepperoni cheese fusilli and deep fried oreos from pizza hut.
Their pepperoni cheese fusilli has always been my fav. I added some some sambal roa to it for spiciness. Sambal roa is made of chili peppers and roa fish and I don’t know what else.
It was too spicy for me, at first. But I just can’t stop eating it now LOL
Actually I just had deep fried oreos a few days ago from the big box that I ordered from pizza hut as well. Eating too many of these isn’t good at all though. I wish healthy food could be as delicious as these junk food.
The box was so big and contains a lot of food. Chicken sticks, deep fried oreos, beef sausages. tuna melt flatbread, and mozarella sticks. It lasted for 2 days. I tried finishing it as fast as I could because I don’t wanna stuck eating the same food for days.


  1. Wow deep fried oreos!! I had no idea they existed!! Scotland do deep fried mars bars :)

    1. I didn't know they exist either until a few months ago! and deep fried mars bars sound delicious but they don't even sell mars bars in most grocery store/supermarket here anymore... just the one specialized in imported stuffs which make them kinda expensive :(