August 6, 2014

It’s Tokiya’s Birthday!

Today is Ichinose Tokiya’s birthday, but I lost that chibi tokiya I got from gacha (-̩̩̩-̩̩̩-̩̩̩-̩̩̩-̩̩̩___-̩̩̩-̩̩̩-̩̩̩-̩̩̩-̩̩̩) I attached it to my phone using an unused pluggy that has a ring on it. I was walking around my apt complex with my senior whom lives in another tower. I put my phone on my jeans pocket then when I was about going down some staircase, I realized he’s gone!!! I was soooo panic and I just keep searching him on the street, going through the path I walked several times, even the security asked me because I keep passing by over there. 
I was sad that I can’t find it, so I go to the toys shop where the gacha machine is. I spent another 90K until I finally get tokiya again, which is three times. I’m glad it’s just 3 times. I had to play 17 times to get the tokiya that I lose (-̩̩̩-̩̩̩-̩̩̩-̩̩̩-̩̩̩___-̩̩̩-̩̩̩-̩̩̩-̩̩̩-̩̩̩) I have another chibi tokiya and it’s the same as the lost one, but the lost one was so special because I have play the machine 17 times until I get him. I even had to wait another week to get it because the machine got broken when I was about to play the 13th times or something…..
I was gonna buy cupcakes to celebrate his birthday, but I bought frozen yogurt in the end. The froyo shop was the closest to the toys store. As I was still in the state of shock that I lost tokiya that I get after playing gacha for 17th times, I just need to sit and relax. So I ended up at the froyo store.
It’s really hard to resist having a loooot of froyo on my cup so I ended up putting a lot of it on my cup. It’s even too much for me and I didn’t finish it all LOL. I had the plain original yogurt (which was my fav), green tea (now is my fav), and a little bubble gum that doesn’t show on the pic LOL. I was just curious about the bubble gum flavor although I’m not really a fan of bubble gum flavor but the blue color of it was so pretty and I just want it on my cup LOL. I only had aloe vera and oreo as my toppings because I prefer to eat the froyo by itself more, rather than mixing it with toppings.
Anyway, it’s tokiya’s birthday today. Happy birthday Ichinose Tokiya! お誕生日おめでとうございます!

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