August 25, 2014

It’s a Girl Power!

I just recently started following the instagram account of @centralparkmall which is the mall beside my apt. They’re surprisingly pretty active updating it. They posted about a festival that’s going on at the mall for the weekend, and I thought I’d check it out. It’s held by a girl magazine that I used to read quite a lot, CosmoGirl! They named it “CG! My Festival - It’s a Girl Power! Be Creative Youngpreneur”. There’s also some performances but I didn’t watch them.
There’s also a pic of ready to wear of tex saverio, which is displayed at another event at the mall (at the main atrium, the festival was at the park). It’s the launcing of samsung galaxy tab s. However I didn’t see it yesterday. They displayed some batik clothes instead, I’m so saaaaaaaaaad :(
Anyway, I bought a lot of stuffs (mostly food) yesterday. I was actually gonna save some money, but I just can’t resist the food sold at the festival LOL
These, KOME’S karaage and rice bowl and chatime’s roasted milk tea were my dinner though. I didn’t buy it at the festival area.
I FOUND EGGBALLS!!! So someone finally sold it in Jakarta!!! Thaaaaaank you so much for starting your business (MAMAGO), I really really love this hong kong waffle! AAAAAND they actually have their own shop NEAR MY CAMPUS!! I’m so happy I’ll definitely buy it again soon~! 
Then there’s also a booth who sold this mousse in a jar! I bought 2 matcha and 1 oreo mousse(s)~ 
Another cake, it’s orange nutella cake from michel’s patisserie. I didn’t buy it at the festival area though. It’s my mom’s birthday today, and I originally gonna give this cake to her. But the mousse was more unique so I give the matcha one for her instead. Since I wasn’t sure if she’d like the orange nutella cake, although I do.
These are the only things that I bought, that aren’t food LOL. They’re temporary tattoos! and they’re freaking expensive -_- It’s 5 + 1 for idr 100k! The happy birthday ones are obviously for my mom. I made her to wear it all day long today although she has to go to work and has some meetings as well LOL

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