August 8, 2014

it’s 3:30am

Actually I wanna write about something but idk what should I write. I was thinking to finally write about the color my brow from etude but I’m too lazy to do the cropping for the pics.
I was glad that my name wasn’t called in the class yesterday so I don’t have to answer any question on the whiteboard. The time definitely didn’t pass so fast at all in calculus class. I just wish to end the torture to my brain ASAP.
Then I went to the stage play practice for the first time this year. I don’t play on the play though. They asked me but I reject it because I wanna concentrate on studying calculus (though I can’t). It really brought back memories though.
I took a few pics with my dog because he was like asking for a selfie together LOL. He just sat beside my head so we did~
I should sleep soon because it’s 3:30am and I have class at 7:20am -_- I still don’t wanna sleep yet though.

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