August 14, 2014

I sleep enough!

I finally had enough sleep before going to class today! I slept at 11-12am and wake up at 10am. I finally felt refreshed and am not lazy to go to campus after such a loooong time. I’m not even sleepy in the afternoon! It’s really good to have more than 10 hours sleep LOL. I slept plenty hours last night, yet my eye bags are still there. Genetic eye bags are truly horrible and annoying -_-
It’s finally almost the weekend where afa is held! It’s gonna be the first time I’m going to a japan related event! I’ve been a japan fan since forever but I sadly just don’t belong to any communities here. I didn’t even know about afa until last year! I’m so excited to go there tomorrow~ I’m gonna look for some digimon and utapri stuffs. I hope the prices won’t be so pricey. I’m also going to the cafe~ Although I didn’t pass the audition this year, I’m definitely gonna try it again next year, and even the next year as well until I can’t audition anymore because I’m too old LOL

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