August 31, 2014

free to work

I finished the summer class earlier this week, which means I have free time until mid september. It means that it’s the time for me to work without any interference of either homeworks or upcoming quizzes LOL
I finally went to the expo after missing it 3 times because my dad fell off a motorcycle last month and I’ve kept visiting him until he got better. I was gonna go there with one of my colleagues whom live nearby but he’s still asleep by the time we’ve agreed the night before. So I went to the campus and there’s traffic jam that I didn’t expect. Everything’s mostly finished by time I get there, although there’s still a few people come to buy tickets and such.
That colleague of mine finally came because he wanna upgrade his ram near the campus. I wanted to buy the egg balls again which is nearby he store where my colleague upgraded his ram, but the store was still closed. I was kinda shocked that he invited me to go to mcd and meet the other colleagues of us. So I went to mcd to meet a certain colleague because there’s something that I wanna talk about with her. 
I used to enjoy working within the student org a lot, but the number of colleagues whom are in the same year as me that are still actively participating in event and stuffs have gradually fallen so I kinda don’t have anyone to talk to there while I have nothing to do. Meanwhile the ones who are still active were pretty busy by themselves that I feel like I shouldn’t bother them and there’s really nothing I could help as well. I usually just asked people whether they need any help on stuffs because I don’t really have anything assigned on me to do at the expo.
I’m going to be the interviewer once again tomorrow, to interview those who apply to be the new activists. Then I gotta help the stage play stuff afterward. I was asked to do their makeup for the play but I don’t think they’re gonna do the makeup tomorrow.

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