August 12, 2014


Honestly I’m a lazy dog owner. My dog is lazy too. He asks me to get him up to the sofa although he could actually do it by himself -_- I guess we’re just the perfect match for each other!
I was brushing my dog after not brushing him for a month or two. And there’s a loooooooooot of dead fur on him that got caught on the brush. Here’s only 2/3 of them!
I guess I really have to brush him more frequent……. I also trimmed him a little and since I’ve never trimmed a dog before so it turned ugly lol sorry my dog I love you you’re still cute LOL
I could feel he’s not as fluffy as he used to be since there’s a lot of dead fur removed from him which is a good and healthy thing actually. I’m glad he’s kinda fat so he’s still very much huggable LOL

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