August 29, 2014


I finally finished the summer classes last week and have the exam last Tuesday and Wednesday! I had the calculus 2 exam on Tuesday and calculus 1 on Wednesday.
The calculus 2 materials were definitely harder than 1, and I got bored and tired a lot from studying it. So I was like study for 1 or 2 hours, than sleep for an hour. There’s still some problems I couldn’t solve, but at least I got to answer a few numbers completely. I mostly forget about what to do/the formula at the middle of the answer and that’s why I can’t solve most of them till the end -_- 
The day I was waiting finally came which is the day that my car’s reached 44444km LOL. Although yamada’s not my ichiban anymore but I’ve been waiting for this forever so I’m still happy LOL
I wasn’t in the mood to study as hard as the previous day. Yet I studied all night and don’t sleep that night, at all. I think I did better on calculus 1 though. Although I wasn’t sure with my calculations because I tend to do miscalculation which leads to wrong answers -_- I luckily managed to answer the convergence/divergence problem by using ratio test that I learned on youtube although I wasn’t really sure I did it correctly LOL
Then I went to the stage play practice and hanging out there for a few hours. I went home at around 4pm or something and buy food for super late lunch/early dinner. I fell asleep at around 7pm and manage to get up at 11pm. I wanna write about this at that time but I eventually fall back to sleep at around 1am.
I finally woke up at 2pm on Thursday and I’m glad I could sleep for a long time although I kinda had a nightmare. Then I spent the day watching tv and reading fanfic which is a new hobby of mine. I mostly read digimon fanfic with takari pairing. Takari is my first otp even when I didn’t know the word otp yet LOL. It’s like 13 or 14 years ago and they’re still my fav pairing throughout all animes I’ve ever watched all my life.

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