August 8, 2014

Etude House: Color My Brows #2 Light Brown

This is the second color my brows that I bought from Etude House. I haven’t even written about the first one yet LOL. I’ve always worn this ever since my hair goes blonde since my natural eyebrow color is black. I’m glad this could cover it pretty well.

I bought Color My Brows #2 Light Brown last month. The first one I bought was the blonde brown one.

I wasn’t sure to buy it at first, because I’m afraid it’d be too brown (compared to the blonde brown) LOL. But my fav blogger used to use it when her hair was platinum blonde so I just go with it~
with flash

without flash

(pardon my eye bags)

I always find it weird to see drawn eyebrows on a face. So I wear this one as if I was applying mascara to my lashes. Although the color would get to the skin around my eyebrows as well.
The color isn’t as soft as the blonde brown which is okay for me. It stayed for a few hours, then the color would slowly fade from my eye brows. I usually remove my makeup at night, and my eyebrows have always gone back to its natural color LOL. Although there’s still some of the light brown color on it and on the skin around it as well.

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