August 20, 2014

Digimon Adventure

I finally finished re-watching digimon adventure both 01 and 02!! I’ve been re-watching it since earlier this month. I used to re-watch it on vcds (so old school huh) but I wanna hear the real voices and dialogues in Japanese this time so I watch it on streaming website. I just couldn’t imagine if the sites are taken down by the gov because netflix isn’t available here and I won’t be able to watch them anymore (nooooooooooooo~!) I don’t mind you govs take them down as long as you provide the alternative for us to watch. I don’t mind paying for them, it’s just they’re not available here!!!!!
There’s a looooot of new things that I learned by watching the original one! And watching digimon at this age…….. a lot of things that I didn’t see as a kid were seen and they’re just so hilarious LOL. I’m not a fujoshi but I could spot any BL seeds on guys LOL thank you for the unconscious training, R!! 
I agree with some people though, about the chosen children in 02 (except takeru and hikari) are just……..well…… I was so annoyed when they’re hesitated to kill digimons, the bad one! They’re obviously the bad guys and they need to be killed. Meanwhile the kids from 01 were doing their adventures by killing the digimon. I could see the older kids + takari aware of this too at later episodes. I wasn’t patient at all when watching silphymon fought ladydevimon because aquilamon just couldn’t kill her yet because of miyako’s hesitation while tailmon was already eager to kill her!!! I could feel you tailmon!!!! 
My favorite fights on both season is of course the angewomon vs ladydevimon LOL. They’re just hilarious and I hope all men who watch digimon could learn that women’s fight is even more violent than men’s LOL. I wish angewomon and ladydevimon could meet again next year! I can’t wait to watch the next season of them~
Since there’ll be new season for taichi and the rest next year, it means they still have to fight some more digimon! Is daemon back from the dark ocean?? I’m still curious about daemon and the gang….. I think I’m gonna catch up with tumblr a little bit for a few days, then re-watch either frontier or tamers. I stopped watching digimon on tv on frontier. I watched the first few episodes. Then I just couldn’t get up that early on sunday anymore….. I still remember tamers, especially the sad ending. I haven’t watched savers at all although I watched xros wars in 2010-2012 thanks to streaming websites. I don’t think it’s aired by local channel here though. I don’t really remember about the story as well….. Meanwhile I just can’t forget digimon adventure series, and the opening song of 02 in bahasa LOL

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