August 21, 2014

Day 232

Finally the calculus classes are coming to their endings!! This week’s the last week and I’ll have the final exams next week. I hope there’s some miracles coming because I just can’t do it even if I’ve studied -_-
I had the last quiz for calculus I yesterday and it was awful!! I’m glad we got to do it with another person. However both of us couldn’t answer the questions at all, and neither most of the rest of the class LOL I’m relieved….. at least we’re not the only ones whom were hopeless~ 
I went to the supermarket before I go home, to buy dog food that my dog loves, some cotton wipes, tissue papers to put on my car and my backpack, and eye make up remover.
Then I went to the coin laundry. I tried cleaning some spots on my car while waiting, although I failed to remove those shitty spots. I went back to the laundry place and move the clothes to the dryer, then go to chatime to buy a drink. I went back to the laundry place, and read some fanfic while waiting the dryer to finish its job.
I also washed my dog’s panda outfits and he’s happy to see it when I was about to iron the rest of the clothes, as if he wanted me to put it on him. So I did. Then I ironed the clothes while watching the rachel zoe project.
Starworld is currently airing 4th season of the rachel zoe project and it’s actually pretty interesting so I’ve been watching it every week. Sadly it’s already canceled, the last season is season 5. She looks older than she should be though…..
Then I swept the floor and wash dishes and clean the mirror that I usually take ootd pictures in front of it. I guess I was pretty productive yesterday?

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