August 13, 2014

Custard Pudding Baked Kit Kat

I often read articles on rocketnews. I read about the baked kit kat a few weeks ago. It looks so tasty and I really wanna try it. I thought it wouldn’t be sold here, but it is! Thanks to whoever imported it~
It’s a curstard pudding flavored kit kat! and can be baked!
Some people also sell it online, but I’m just too lazy to buy it online. I’ve seen it on a japanese imported confectionary stall in a mall. I finally decided to buy it at Ranch Market today, which is a supermarket where there’s a lot of imported stuffs. It’s around USD 8.5 or IDR 99k which is pretty expensive for such a mini treat. 
The problem is, I don’t have an oven to bake LOL. I have a microwave oven though, but it’s definitely different. I thought as long as it’s heated, it’d turn to be the baked form of kit kat eventually LOL
and it failed LOL
I heated it for about 2 minutes or so in the microwave oven (mine is oldddd, newer model probably will burn the kit kat in 2 minutes). The chocolate melted instead of baked, and the wafer inside kinda coming out, or probably because the chocolate around it’s melted LOL. It’s still tasty although it failed. I wish I had an oven………

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