August 5, 2014

Baby Powder Eyelashes

I found out about a very important (for me) beauty trick a few weeks ago. It’s about creating fuller eyelashes by using baby powder! So the baby powder is supposed to give effect as if you’re wearing those thick long gorgeous false eyelashes. I decided to try it myself the next day I find out about it~
Baby powder, mascara, and a Q tip are all the stuffs needed to create the false looking eyelashes.
Just apply one layer of mascara to the lashes, then put the baby powder on the coated lashes until they look gray-ish/white-ish/whatever like the powder’s there on the lashes using the Q tip. I tried using my finger too but it’s kinda bad idea because the powder itself kept getting rubbed too much and then just gone from my lashes ( ̄ェ ̄;) Then put another layer of mascara to the powdered lashes, and voila~!
My lashes with one coat of mascara (+eyeliner) aka my everyday eye makeup.
My lashes with the baby powder trick~
I think the lashes do look fuller and thicker after applying the baby powder, but some of them kinda look sorta clumped together which I don’t like. They do look thicker though (in real, not the pics). I’m not sure if the lashes look longer…. because the thickness was the only thing I noticed LOL
I guess it’s still not as gorgeous as wearing false eyelashes, but not bad for an alternative though, since I can’t put false eyelashes nicely LOL
P.S. I wore pretty thick eyeliner (well not really actually) and pardon my circle lens……..

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