August 15, 2014

(AFAID) Anime Festival Asia Indonesia 2014

I went to AFA for the first time today! I most probably can’t go there on Saturday and Sunday, so I went there today instead. It’s still Friday, a lot of people are still working and have school, so it wasn’t over crowded~
I went there with A, and meet a lot of other classmates and colleagues there -_- I had calculus class in the morning until 11am. Luckily all the materials for today have been taught by 10am. Since the lecturer just couldn’t stop talking, so I just walk out of the class. Then I met A outside the class and we go to JCC, where afa is held, by my car.
The tickets were already been bought by my junior high school friend, R. I finally met her again after 3 years or so. The last time I met her was during senior year in high school. I couldn’t recognize her at first because she’s become soooo slim! Her face was totally different LOL. 
We went around booths, yet nothing catch my eyes. I was already hungry so I & A go to afa cafe~ It was so damn expensive -_- Then we went around the booths again. Finally I bought a keychain!
I was looking for digimon and utapri stuffs. However I didn’t find digimon stuffs that I like, nor utapri. Tokiya keychain was already sold out by the time I find the booth -_-
E was there as well, but she’s selling stuff at a booth. So we rested in front of her booth when we get tired. I just sat there for quite some time because I’m just too lazy to go anywhere. 
After telling R about the cafe, A & I decided to go home. She said she wanna buy the kitty paws first so we look for it. It was 300k so she doesn’t buy it in the end. I ended up buying cat ears and tail LOL
Aren’t they adorable??
I also bought bat wings headband!
It reminded me of batman and kento, so I just buy it LOL
We finally went home after buying these super random items~ I lost the parking ticket so I have to pay for the fine dammit -_-

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