August 21, 2014

AFAID 2014 - AFA Cafe (MMK x AR)

So I went to AFA cafe at AFA last Friday. It’s the combination of butler and maid cafe. They were separated at earlier AFA, as moe moe kyun maid cafe and atelier royale butler cafe. The male visitors got served by the maids, and the female ones got served by the butlers.
It’s my first time, and luckily I didn’t really have to wait because it’s still 11am and the first day of AFA. The exhibition itself wasn’t as crowded as I thought, perhaps because it’s still the 1st day and it’s friday.
I was starving since I don’t have breakfast earlier that morning (and most of the morning of my life) ordered the curry rice with karaage. It sadly only had two little karaages -_- the curry itself was good though. I just wish they’d put more karaage LOL and it was cute as well! It’s bear shaped curry rice!
I went to the cafe with A, and our butler was kaede. I was shocked that he’s so tall irl. It was very awkward for me at first, and for A too. However A just didn’t talk a lot there so I feel like I have to be the one who keep talking else it’d be veeeeryyy awkward. Well, we wanna eat, yet the butlers keep coming and talk and……………….. I’m okay with talking while eating but apparently A isn’t LOL. And hiroshi kept appearing behind A a few times and it’s just hilarious to watch those very awkward moments of A LOL.
I didn’t really remember what we were talking about, mostly he asked about uni what’s interesting blah blah. Sadly it’s pretty noisy and I couldn’t hear like half of his talking so I was like huh huh a lot of time LOL. I’m so sorryyyyyyy~ I’m just not good at hearing with a lot of background noises LOL. He even sat at the chair besides me because of it and I still didn’t hear what he was saying and go huh again LOL I guess it was because of me spacing out as well LOL
I said his makeup look like visual kei band members and he asks if I like visual kei, and apparently I don’t (I love johnny’s boys LOLOLOLOLOL) and convs like this happened a few times and he kept making the ðŸ˜’ face LOL
I laughed a lot there, while I see most of the other tables were very calm…………………………….. and there were still some empty tables because it’s still early. If I’m not mistaken, kaede was handling two tables at that time, but he’s at our table for a loooong time so I said he should go to another table as well (honestly because I was hungry and wanna eat and finish my food LOL), it’s not fair for them right?? He said the other table has awkward atmosphere or something….. my table would be very awkward as well if I didn’t talk much like A -_- I was already afraid that it’d be awkward to come to cafe with butlers and maids but it’s not… well at least I tried to avoid the awkwardness by keep talking. 
Since it’s our first time going there, so we didn’t know that we could just ask the other butlers to come to our table as well. Hiroshi and ren came on their own, however the main reason I came to the cafe doesn’t approach us ;_; Luckily kaede said we could just ask the other butlers to come to our table when they have nothing to do. 
The main reason I went there was takuya!!! Apparently T went to the same college as him and tell me something about him. Then I planned something aaaaand finally when he was just standing a few meters from our table, I called him and he finally comes to our table yayyyyyyy! LOLOLOLOLOL
I was kinda surprised to see ren irl though, because he looks younger in pics LOL. He kinda look like “om om” irl LOL. I think he kinda want us to finish our business at the cafe fast…. because he keep asking us if we wanna take cheki and tell us about the time limit. It’s not even 45min yet…… I’m aware that the cafe has time limit (thanks to blogs that mentioned it) which is 45min then I asked about it to kaede, then he said it depends on the situation (the crowd)…. I was also asking do we have to go now to him and he said we could still sit there (although we finally left after like 45min which is when there’s only one or two empty tables left).
Hiroshi was nice though. Was he the head butler…..? I don’t remember. I didn’t recognize him at first because I only remember takuya, yutaki, kaede, and ren from their promotional pics. I kept asking why they don’t do the power up like the maids and they said it’s too girly but I was quite persistent so hiroshi did power up with a very manly voice and his hand was like angemon’s heaven’s knuckle movement with opened palm. He’s very active and bouncy LOL. He said it’s his first time to come to AFA ID because he’s in military last year or two years ago, and had another job at the same time as AFA last year or two years ago….. He said he’s an actor in SG (though I don’t really find anything about him acting in movies or series on google lol) and has a blog as well. Since I love reading blogs, so I asked what’s the link. I checked his blog but he doesn’t update much though. Most of the maids have blogs as well (I even subscribed to miyake’s blog sadly she still hasn’t come to afaid yet. She just had surgery though… and I read cominica’s from time to time , though I also read bunch of other beauty and fashion blogs), and so does yutaki and takuya. Idk about the other butlers though.
However no one could beat the amazing hair of yutaki though, although he didn’t come to our table at all. He finally came to AFA ID and was pretty busy for other tables. It’s okay though as long as takuya came to our table LOL. 
Then we took chekis. A & I took cheki together with kaede, and I also took another one with takuya LOL. A also took one with hiroshi! 
Takuya & I were supposed to make letter A and S but we failed LOL We queued for like 10 or 15min because the person before us took pics with all of the maids and a butler -_- and a couple just suddenly came and didn’t queue properly so we had to wait for another few min -_- Luckily we met our classmate while queueing so we just talked with him while waiting to take chekis.
I know about the cafe just a few months ago and I think I’ve written about it here. I was looking for more japanese celebrities to follow on instagram so I thought I’d follow akb48 members. Thus I opened one of jkt48 member’s instagram to see her following. Then I accidentally opened kaede’s gf instead and see his pics there. Since I was so confused and curious did I see a girl or visual kei guy or what so I googled about atelier royale. He looks pretty in pics and confused me although I’ve been seeing a lot of pretty boys (of japan) since a few years ago -_- Even hiroshi said kaede’s his sister or something because he’s pretty LOL

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