August 2, 2014

20!! Satoo - Shangri La, Jakarta

I’m officially 20……………. last sunday!! LOL. I’ve been so busy on my 1st week of being 20. I went to places everyday for a whole day, I was always tired whenever I get home so I’m too lazy to write something. I even fell asleep really really fast on Thursday! I usually sleep at 2 or 3 or 4am, but I fell asleep asleep at 9am last Thursday!   
My mom got home really late and she brings a cake. It’s a rainbow cake. I was kinda hoping for chocolate devil cake but my dog wouldn’t be able to eat it though.
My dog’s really excited when he sees the cake. Probably he remembered when we celebrate his birthday last May and he got to eat a lot of cakes LOL
I went to Satoo with my mom to have lunch. It’s located at Shangri La Hotel. I wish I’d gone to sushi tei instead though. I didn’t find anything special at Satoo. I ate a lot of food though since it’s an all you can eat restaurant. I used to go there a few times with my parents when I was a kid. I didn’t find anything special either when I was a kid, but an expensive dining at a restaurant.
I had some sushi and salmon sashimi as starters. I asked for mentai sauce because I was really craving for it. Their mentai sauce was spicy though…. It’s supposed to be spicy, but the one I usually eat isn’t that spicy. Perhaps that one has too little chilli LOL
Then I had dim sum and roasted duck….. 
Finally I had western food! The cream sauce was too creamy for me though -_-
Then I had green tea ice cream! I especially asked to the chef(?) to give me more an he laughed LOL. I also had chocolate melt but I forget to take pic of it.
Then I had some other cakes. They’re yummy as well but I was too full already and I can’t finish it LOL

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