August 31, 2014


free to work

I finished the summer class earlier this week, which means I have free time until mid september. It means that it’s the time for me to work without any interference of either homeworks or upcoming quizzes LOL
I finally went to the expo after missing it 3 times because my dad fell off a motorcycle last month and I’ve kept visiting him until he got better. I was gonna go there with one of my colleagues whom live nearby but he’s still asleep by the time we’ve agreed the night before. So I went to the campus and there’s traffic jam that I didn’t expect. Everything’s mostly finished by time I get there, although there’s still a few people come to buy tickets and such.
That colleague of mine finally came because he wanna upgrade his ram near the campus. I wanted to buy the egg balls again which is nearby he store where my colleague upgraded his ram, but the store was still closed. I was kinda shocked that he invited me to go to mcd and meet the other colleagues of us. So I went to mcd to meet a certain colleague because there’s something that I wanna talk about with her. 
I used to enjoy working within the student org a lot, but the number of colleagues whom are in the same year as me that are still actively participating in event and stuffs have gradually fallen so I kinda don’t have anyone to talk to there while I have nothing to do. Meanwhile the ones who are still active were pretty busy by themselves that I feel like I shouldn’t bother them and there’s really nothing I could help as well. I usually just asked people whether they need any help on stuffs because I don’t really have anything assigned on me to do at the expo.
I’m going to be the interviewer once again tomorrow, to interview those who apply to be the new activists. Then I gotta help the stage play stuff afterward. I was asked to do their makeup for the play but I don’t think they’re gonna do the makeup tomorrow.

August 29, 2014


I finally finished the summer classes last week and have the exam last Tuesday and Wednesday! I had the calculus 2 exam on Tuesday and calculus 1 on Wednesday.
The calculus 2 materials were definitely harder than 1, and I got bored and tired a lot from studying it. So I was like study for 1 or 2 hours, than sleep for an hour. There’s still some problems I couldn’t solve, but at least I got to answer a few numbers completely. I mostly forget about what to do/the formula at the middle of the answer and that’s why I can’t solve most of them till the end -_- 
The day I was waiting finally came which is the day that my car’s reached 44444km LOL. Although yamada’s not my ichiban anymore but I’ve been waiting for this forever so I’m still happy LOL
I wasn’t in the mood to study as hard as the previous day. Yet I studied all night and don’t sleep that night, at all. I think I did better on calculus 1 though. Although I wasn’t sure with my calculations because I tend to do miscalculation which leads to wrong answers -_- I luckily managed to answer the convergence/divergence problem by using ratio test that I learned on youtube although I wasn’t really sure I did it correctly LOL
Then I went to the stage play practice and hanging out there for a few hours. I went home at around 4pm or something and buy food for super late lunch/early dinner. I fell asleep at around 7pm and manage to get up at 11pm. I wanna write about this at that time but I eventually fall back to sleep at around 1am.
I finally woke up at 2pm on Thursday and I’m glad I could sleep for a long time although I kinda had a nightmare. Then I spent the day watching tv and reading fanfic which is a new hobby of mine. I mostly read digimon fanfic with takari pairing. Takari is my first otp even when I didn’t know the word otp yet LOL. It’s like 13 or 14 years ago and they’re still my fav pairing throughout all animes I’ve ever watched all my life.

August 25, 2014

It’s a Girl Power!

I just recently started following the instagram account of @centralparkmall which is the mall beside my apt. They’re surprisingly pretty active updating it. They posted about a festival that’s going on at the mall for the weekend, and I thought I’d check it out. It’s held by a girl magazine that I used to read quite a lot, CosmoGirl! They named it “CG! My Festival - It’s a Girl Power! Be Creative Youngpreneur”. There’s also some performances but I didn’t watch them.
There’s also a pic of ready to wear of tex saverio, which is displayed at another event at the mall (at the main atrium, the festival was at the park). It’s the launcing of samsung galaxy tab s. However I didn’t see it yesterday. They displayed some batik clothes instead, I’m so saaaaaaaaaad :(
Anyway, I bought a lot of stuffs (mostly food) yesterday. I was actually gonna save some money, but I just can’t resist the food sold at the festival LOL
These, KOME’S karaage and rice bowl and chatime’s roasted milk tea were my dinner though. I didn’t buy it at the festival area.
I FOUND EGGBALLS!!! So someone finally sold it in Jakarta!!! Thaaaaaank you so much for starting your business (MAMAGO), I really really love this hong kong waffle! AAAAAND they actually have their own shop NEAR MY CAMPUS!! I’m so happy I’ll definitely buy it again soon~! 
Then there’s also a booth who sold this mousse in a jar! I bought 2 matcha and 1 oreo mousse(s)~ 
Another cake, it’s orange nutella cake from michel’s patisserie. I didn’t buy it at the festival area though. It’s my mom’s birthday today, and I originally gonna give this cake to her. But the mousse was more unique so I give the matcha one for her instead. Since I wasn’t sure if she’d like the orange nutella cake, although I do.
These are the only things that I bought, that aren’t food LOL. They’re temporary tattoos! and they’re freaking expensive -_- It’s 5 + 1 for idr 100k! The happy birthday ones are obviously for my mom. I made her to wear it all day long today although she has to go to work and has some meetings as well LOL


So I’m like months late but I made memes of myself. It was kinda a hype in my country to make a meme like this earlier this year. I got bored and finally make three of myself LOL
and I also made one of my dog

August 23, 2014

My Dog

My dog is 7 years old. I just taught him to sit when he’s 5 or 6 years old. I was such a lazy owner back then and I didn’t think teaching him tricks are important because he’s such a smart and clever dog. He understands some words. He understands the words for when I want him to get off my lap, to get off the couch, to sit, and when there’s no more food. He definitely understands when I’m angry, and even if I’m not mad at him, he’d just go to his cage LOL
I tried teaching him another trick yesterday, which is shake hand. He still can’t do it yet. I think he said “why are you so troublesome just give me the food already”, guessing on his expression. He definitely looked troubled -_- What an arrogant dog…. 

August 22, 2014

PHD’s Big Box, Pepperoni Cheese Fusilli & Froreo

I had a very not healthy dinner tonight. I just don’t know what I should eat anymore. I’m bored of everything -_- So I ordered the pepperoni cheese fusilli and deep fried oreos from pizza hut.
Their pepperoni cheese fusilli has always been my fav. I added some some sambal roa to it for spiciness. Sambal roa is made of chili peppers and roa fish and I don’t know what else.
It was too spicy for me, at first. But I just can’t stop eating it now LOL
Actually I just had deep fried oreos a few days ago from the big box that I ordered from pizza hut as well. Eating too many of these isn’t good at all though. I wish healthy food could be as delicious as these junk food.
The box was so big and contains a lot of food. Chicken sticks, deep fried oreos, beef sausages. tuna melt flatbread, and mozarella sticks. It lasted for 2 days. I tried finishing it as fast as I could because I don’t wanna stuck eating the same food for days.

Etude House: Fresh Cherry Tint - Hot Pink (PK002)

I bought another lip tint last week. It’s my 2nd fresh cherry tint by etude house. It’s Etude House: Fresh Cherry Tint in Hot Pink! I love hot pink!
I didn’t plan to purchase this one at all, since I still have the cherry pink one. However I’m glad to make this purchase though! Because it’s my fav lip tint now and I wear it everyday~

I thought the pink would look quite shocking, like my pull & bear bag or my shocking pink jeans, or like that mac yum yum or something that has hot pink color. I was shock that it looks so pretty, natural pink on my lips!

I cropped the rest of my face because my skin looks hideous -_- I didn’t add brightness or contrast or whatsoever, and just put them onto a collage.
I find it looks best to be applied on concealed lips, because the color will show better since my lips are somewhat dark. Although the color shows up well on the inner side(?). Well the pic says it all LOL
The only thing I don’t like from this lip tint is the applicator. Although most girls like this kind of applicator, I don’t. Since I sometimes wear it while driving on my way to campus, so it’s kinda hard to apply, unlike the rosy tint one. 

Vanilla Milk Tea

Finally calculus II class was over yesterday! And I’ll have the final exam next week. I don’t think I could pass it either this time…….. I’m just so hopeless and clueless with math -_-
It’s pretty intense yesterday because of the court thingy and a lot of people protesters on the road near the court house. Who knows what they’d do? Luckily the didn’t go anarchist like years ago. A lot of companies allowed their employees to go home early, to avoid chaos, if there’s any. I heard the protesters kinda went rogue by crashing the barbed wire fence thingy or something and the police had to throw the tear gas grenade or something to them,
Since the protesters are pretty far from my place, so I went to the mall beside my apt to buy some teas. I bought vanilla milk tea for the first time in chatime!
It was pretty good. I guess I should order it with less sugar instead, since half sugar was too sweet for me ._. I also bought my usual roasted milk tea though!
The staffs already remember me and actually I’m kinda embarrassed that they know my usual lol. My usual is roasted milk tea with double grass jelly, no ice and no sugar, and with the small straw LOL. I guess I’ve been there too many than I should? LOL

August 21, 2014

AFAID 2014 - AFA Cafe (MMK x AR)

So I went to AFA cafe at AFA last Friday. It’s the combination of butler and maid cafe. They were separated at earlier AFA, as moe moe kyun maid cafe and atelier royale butler cafe. The male visitors got served by the maids, and the female ones got served by the butlers.
It’s my first time, and luckily I didn’t really have to wait because it’s still 11am and the first day of AFA. The exhibition itself wasn’t as crowded as I thought, perhaps because it’s still the 1st day and it’s friday.
I was starving since I don’t have breakfast earlier that morning (and most of the morning of my life) ordered the curry rice with karaage. It sadly only had two little karaages -_- the curry itself was good though. I just wish they’d put more karaage LOL and it was cute as well! It’s bear shaped curry rice!
I went to the cafe with A, and our butler was kaede. I was shocked that he’s so tall irl. It was very awkward for me at first, and for A too. However A just didn’t talk a lot there so I feel like I have to be the one who keep talking else it’d be veeeeryyy awkward. Well, we wanna eat, yet the butlers keep coming and talk and……………….. I’m okay with talking while eating but apparently A isn’t LOL. And hiroshi kept appearing behind A a few times and it’s just hilarious to watch those very awkward moments of A LOL.
I didn’t really remember what we were talking about, mostly he asked about uni what’s interesting blah blah. Sadly it’s pretty noisy and I couldn’t hear like half of his talking so I was like huh huh a lot of time LOL. I’m so sorryyyyyyy~ I’m just not good at hearing with a lot of background noises LOL. He even sat at the chair besides me because of it and I still didn’t hear what he was saying and go huh again LOL I guess it was because of me spacing out as well LOL
I said his makeup look like visual kei band members and he asks if I like visual kei, and apparently I don’t (I love johnny’s boys LOLOLOLOLOL) and convs like this happened a few times and he kept making the 😒 face LOL
I laughed a lot there, while I see most of the other tables were very calm…………………………….. and there were still some empty tables because it’s still early. If I’m not mistaken, kaede was handling two tables at that time, but he’s at our table for a loooong time so I said he should go to another table as well (honestly because I was hungry and wanna eat and finish my food LOL), it’s not fair for them right?? He said the other table has awkward atmosphere or something….. my table would be very awkward as well if I didn’t talk much like A -_- I was already afraid that it’d be awkward to come to cafe with butlers and maids but it’s not… well at least I tried to avoid the awkwardness by keep talking. 
Since it’s our first time going there, so we didn’t know that we could just ask the other butlers to come to our table as well. Hiroshi and ren came on their own, however the main reason I came to the cafe doesn’t approach us ;_; Luckily kaede said we could just ask the other butlers to come to our table when they have nothing to do. 
The main reason I went there was takuya!!! Apparently T went to the same college as him and tell me something about him. Then I planned something aaaaand finally when he was just standing a few meters from our table, I called him and he finally comes to our table yayyyyyyy! LOLOLOLOLOL
I was kinda surprised to see ren irl though, because he looks younger in pics LOL. He kinda look like “om om” irl LOL. I think he kinda want us to finish our business at the cafe fast…. because he keep asking us if we wanna take cheki and tell us about the time limit. It’s not even 45min yet…… I’m aware that the cafe has time limit (thanks to blogs that mentioned it) which is 45min then I asked about it to kaede, then he said it depends on the situation (the crowd)…. I was also asking do we have to go now to him and he said we could still sit there (although we finally left after like 45min which is when there’s only one or two empty tables left).
Hiroshi was nice though. Was he the head butler…..? I don’t remember. I didn’t recognize him at first because I only remember takuya, yutaki, kaede, and ren from their promotional pics. I kept asking why they don’t do the power up like the maids and they said it’s too girly but I was quite persistent so hiroshi did power up with a very manly voice and his hand was like angemon’s heaven’s knuckle movement with opened palm. He’s very active and bouncy LOL. He said it’s his first time to come to AFA ID because he’s in military last year or two years ago, and had another job at the same time as AFA last year or two years ago….. He said he’s an actor in SG (though I don’t really find anything about him acting in movies or series on google lol) and has a blog as well. Since I love reading blogs, so I asked what’s the link. I checked his blog but he doesn’t update much though. Most of the maids have blogs as well (I even subscribed to miyake’s blog sadly she still hasn’t come to afaid yet. She just had surgery though… and I read cominica’s from time to time , though I also read bunch of other beauty and fashion blogs), and so does yutaki and takuya. Idk about the other butlers though.
However no one could beat the amazing hair of yutaki though, although he didn’t come to our table at all. He finally came to AFA ID and was pretty busy for other tables. It’s okay though as long as takuya came to our table LOL. 
Then we took chekis. A & I took cheki together with kaede, and I also took another one with takuya LOL. A also took one with hiroshi! 
Takuya & I were supposed to make letter A and S but we failed LOL We queued for like 10 or 15min because the person before us took pics with all of the maids and a butler -_- and a couple just suddenly came and didn’t queue properly so we had to wait for another few min -_- Luckily we met our classmate while queueing so we just talked with him while waiting to take chekis.
I know about the cafe just a few months ago and I think I’ve written about it here. I was looking for more japanese celebrities to follow on instagram so I thought I’d follow akb48 members. Thus I opened one of jkt48 member’s instagram to see her following. Then I accidentally opened kaede’s gf instead and see his pics there. Since I was so confused and curious did I see a girl or visual kei guy or what so I googled about atelier royale. He looks pretty in pics and confused me although I’ve been seeing a lot of pretty boys (of japan) since a few years ago -_- Even hiroshi said kaede’s his sister or something because he’s pretty LOL

Day 232

Finally the calculus classes are coming to their endings!! This week’s the last week and I’ll have the final exams next week. I hope there’s some miracles coming because I just can’t do it even if I’ve studied -_-
I had the last quiz for calculus I yesterday and it was awful!! I’m glad we got to do it with another person. However both of us couldn’t answer the questions at all, and neither most of the rest of the class LOL I’m relieved….. at least we’re not the only ones whom were hopeless~ 
I went to the supermarket before I go home, to buy dog food that my dog loves, some cotton wipes, tissue papers to put on my car and my backpack, and eye make up remover.
Then I went to the coin laundry. I tried cleaning some spots on my car while waiting, although I failed to remove those shitty spots. I went back to the laundry place and move the clothes to the dryer, then go to chatime to buy a drink. I went back to the laundry place, and read some fanfic while waiting the dryer to finish its job.
I also washed my dog’s panda outfits and he’s happy to see it when I was about to iron the rest of the clothes, as if he wanted me to put it on him. So I did. Then I ironed the clothes while watching the rachel zoe project.
Starworld is currently airing 4th season of the rachel zoe project and it’s actually pretty interesting so I’ve been watching it every week. Sadly it’s already canceled, the last season is season 5. She looks older than she should be though…..
Then I swept the floor and wash dishes and clean the mirror that I usually take ootd pictures in front of it. I guess I was pretty productive yesterday?

August 20, 2014

Digimon Adventure

I finally finished re-watching digimon adventure both 01 and 02!! I’ve been re-watching it since earlier this month. I used to re-watch it on vcds (so old school huh) but I wanna hear the real voices and dialogues in Japanese this time so I watch it on streaming website. I just couldn’t imagine if the sites are taken down by the gov because netflix isn’t available here and I won’t be able to watch them anymore (nooooooooooooo~!) I don’t mind you govs take them down as long as you provide the alternative for us to watch. I don’t mind paying for them, it’s just they’re not available here!!!!!
There’s a looooot of new things that I learned by watching the original one! And watching digimon at this age…….. a lot of things that I didn’t see as a kid were seen and they’re just so hilarious LOL. I’m not a fujoshi but I could spot any BL seeds on guys LOL thank you for the unconscious training, R!! 
I agree with some people though, about the chosen children in 02 (except takeru and hikari) are just……..well…… I was so annoyed when they’re hesitated to kill digimons, the bad one! They’re obviously the bad guys and they need to be killed. Meanwhile the kids from 01 were doing their adventures by killing the digimon. I could see the older kids + takari aware of this too at later episodes. I wasn’t patient at all when watching silphymon fought ladydevimon because aquilamon just couldn’t kill her yet because of miyako’s hesitation while tailmon was already eager to kill her!!! I could feel you tailmon!!!! 
My favorite fights on both season is of course the angewomon vs ladydevimon LOL. They’re just hilarious and I hope all men who watch digimon could learn that women’s fight is even more violent than men’s LOL. I wish angewomon and ladydevimon could meet again next year! I can’t wait to watch the next season of them~
Since there’ll be new season for taichi and the rest next year, it means they still have to fight some more digimon! Is daemon back from the dark ocean?? I’m still curious about daemon and the gang….. I think I’m gonna catch up with tumblr a little bit for a few days, then re-watch either frontier or tamers. I stopped watching digimon on tv on frontier. I watched the first few episodes. Then I just couldn’t get up that early on sunday anymore….. I still remember tamers, especially the sad ending. I haven’t watched savers at all although I watched xros wars in 2010-2012 thanks to streaming websites. I don’t think it’s aired by local channel here though. I don’t really remember about the story as well….. Meanwhile I just can’t forget digimon adventure series, and the opening song of 02 in bahasa LOL

August 15, 2014



Sweater: Bershka
Tank Top: Bershka
Jeans: Zara

(AFAID) Anime Festival Asia Indonesia 2014

I went to AFA for the first time today! I most probably can’t go there on Saturday and Sunday, so I went there today instead. It’s still Friday, a lot of people are still working and have school, so it wasn’t over crowded~
I went there with A, and meet a lot of other classmates and colleagues there -_- I had calculus class in the morning until 11am. Luckily all the materials for today have been taught by 10am. Since the lecturer just couldn’t stop talking, so I just walk out of the class. Then I met A outside the class and we go to JCC, where afa is held, by my car.
The tickets were already been bought by my junior high school friend, R. I finally met her again after 3 years or so. The last time I met her was during senior year in high school. I couldn’t recognize her at first because she’s become soooo slim! Her face was totally different LOL. 
We went around booths, yet nothing catch my eyes. I was already hungry so I & A go to afa cafe~ It was so damn expensive -_- Then we went around the booths again. Finally I bought a keychain!
I was looking for digimon and utapri stuffs. However I didn’t find digimon stuffs that I like, nor utapri. Tokiya keychain was already sold out by the time I find the booth -_-
E was there as well, but she’s selling stuff at a booth. So we rested in front of her booth when we get tired. I just sat there for quite some time because I’m just too lazy to go anywhere. 
After telling R about the cafe, A & I decided to go home. She said she wanna buy the kitty paws first so we look for it. It was 300k so she doesn’t buy it in the end. I ended up buying cat ears and tail LOL
Aren’t they adorable??
I also bought bat wings headband!
It reminded me of batman and kento, so I just buy it LOL
We finally went home after buying these super random items~ I lost the parking ticket so I have to pay for the fine dammit -_-

August 14, 2014

I sleep enough!

I finally had enough sleep before going to class today! I slept at 11-12am and wake up at 10am. I finally felt refreshed and am not lazy to go to campus after such a loooong time. I’m not even sleepy in the afternoon! It’s really good to have more than 10 hours sleep LOL. I slept plenty hours last night, yet my eye bags are still there. Genetic eye bags are truly horrible and annoying -_-
It’s finally almost the weekend where afa is held! It’s gonna be the first time I’m going to a japan related event! I’ve been a japan fan since forever but I sadly just don’t belong to any communities here. I didn’t even know about afa until last year! I’m so excited to go there tomorrow~ I’m gonna look for some digimon and utapri stuffs. I hope the prices won’t be so pricey. I’m also going to the cafe~ Although I didn’t pass the audition this year, I’m definitely gonna try it again next year, and even the next year as well until I can’t audition anymore because I’m too old LOL

Etude House Haul #3

[To be updated]
Color my brows has such a small bottle and amount. I keep buying a new one every month. I can’t just buy one item at a time and I always end up buying some other stuffs.
I bought four stuffs this time. The thing is, one of them is out of stock although there’s still lots of it available on the website. The seller said it’s gonna be delivered seperately, soon. I could just hope so……..
- 2 Color My Brows #2
- 1 Fresh Cherry Tint (Hot Pink) « I didn’t plan to buy this at all
- 1 Tear Drop Liner (White Tear)
I’m glad that the color my brows were sent first because I’m already desperately need it. I need the tear drop liner by the end of the month. I hope it’d be delivered before the end of the month…….

Benefit: They’re Real! Mascara

This is not mine. It’s my mom’s. I think I’d be using this often in the future because this is great though LOL. It’s They’re Real! Mascara by Benefit. She said it’s okay for me to use it anyway~ 
I read a few reviews of this on blogs I’m following via bloglovin. I recommended it to my mom when we go to Sephora last Sunday
This mascara claims to give effect as if you’re wearing false lashes, but they’re real, or probably “beyond real” LOL. My mascara is maybelline falsies which is also meant to make the lashes look like they’re wearing false lashes. 
The first thing I noticed when applying the mascara was the brush. I could really felt the brush?! on my lashes. It’s like they’re doing great at separating my lashes. I was kinda shock to see the brush at first though, they look like arthropods……aka animals that have many legs (꒪ȏ꒪;) 
My curled bare lashes + eyeliner
without flash
with flash
Is it just me or there are fewer lashes on my left eye? Anyway, with they’re real! mascara
without flash
with flash
Well, they do look longer and fuller. It isn’t as extreme as wearing real false lashes though which is good, and yes they’re real! LOL but they’re definitely more visible compared to the bare ones, especially those shorter lashes at the sides. The only thing I dislike is there was a little bit clumps of the mascara at the edge of the lashes and I hate those so I took those by using my long finger nails LOL
I think I’m gonna make a post about maybelline falsies so I can compare them…… 

August 13, 2014

Custard Pudding Baked Kit Kat

I often read articles on rocketnews. I read about the baked kit kat a few weeks ago. It looks so tasty and I really wanna try it. I thought it wouldn’t be sold here, but it is! Thanks to whoever imported it~
It’s a curstard pudding flavored kit kat! and can be baked!
Some people also sell it online, but I’m just too lazy to buy it online. I’ve seen it on a japanese imported confectionary stall in a mall. I finally decided to buy it at Ranch Market today, which is a supermarket where there’s a lot of imported stuffs. It’s around USD 8.5 or IDR 99k which is pretty expensive for such a mini treat. 
The problem is, I don’t have an oven to bake LOL. I have a microwave oven though, but it’s definitely different. I thought as long as it’s heated, it’d turn to be the baked form of kit kat eventually LOL
and it failed LOL
I heated it for about 2 minutes or so in the microwave oven (mine is oldddd, newer model probably will burn the kit kat in 2 minutes). The chocolate melted instead of baked, and the wafer inside kinda coming out, or probably because the chocolate around it’s melted LOL. It’s still tasty although it failed. I wish I had an oven………