July 7, 2014

wtf, I’m so worried

I have calculus hw due tomorrow. I’ve been trying to answer the questions but I don’t know how to solve most of them -_- I’ve watched a loooot of tutorials on youtube and I still don’t get it. What the fuck is wrong with me -_-
My dog went to the vet yesterday and the vet said he only has one testicle. I thought it wouldn’t a problem. The vet said it with kinda worried tone though. But I kinda just let it go because he get no problem till now, and I didn’t ask further about it either. Then I researched it and it may cause cancer O.O I’m so fucking worried right now I’m just grateful he get no problem at all on it for these past few years. He’s 7 years old already. I called the clinic but his vet wasn’t there today. So I’m gonna call the clinic again on wednesday when his vet’s there.
don’t mind my hair, I forgot to wash it today….
I actually wanna do cosplay but my dog’s way more important right now so I’m gonna postpone the cosplay thing.

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